raw Questions

Wedding Photos Sydney raw is the digital file format used for uncompressed photo images. It is preferred by professional photographers because of the high quality results, and because it allows photos to later be enlarged, cropped and processed without pixilation issues. Photos that use the raw format will take up more storage space on digital […]

Smartphone Gadgets

Wedding photos Sydney As if the smartphones could not do enough with all their apps and internet connections we can now add external devices that enhance their camera functions. Clip on telephoto lens Almost any smartphone has a digital zoom. But digital zoom suffers increasing pixilation as you zoom in closer, which almost defeats the […]

Simple as Decal

Wedding photos Sydney These days there will always be a wedding photo or two put on social media. And sometimes the right photo can end up as a background screen image or decal on our stationary or laptop cover. It is possible to use an exact copy of the original photo file for these purposes, […]

Smarter Smartphone Use

Wedding Videography Sydney Most phones will let you take a fair amount of video footage. If you just want a few short snippets of the bride and groom taking the vows, or a recording of a comical speech, then that’s fine. But if you want to create a narrative, to capture the whole day, then […]

Planning with Photos

Planning wedding photography Sydney Usually a photo captures a part of the real world. Sometime digital manipulation of photos is used to create of fictional image. But digital manipulation with Photoshop can also be used for design work or to try out new ideas. This reverses the original intent of photos. Instead of capturing something […]

Makeup and Photo Flashback

Wedding Photographer Sydney Those of us who look at celebrity gossip magazines or other celebrity photos will probably have seen the occasional image where celebrity’s face has a vivid white patch. This rather odd and unsightly effect, where part of the face has a pale, powdery look, is called photo flashback.  Neither the subject nor […]

Poised For Action

Wedding Videography Sydney The present generation is used to the culture of home videos. More than a few television shows were based on viewer’s home video clips. It was all considered quite easy. Things became even easier with the advent of smartphones and other portable video devices. Of course a lot of home video footage […]

Fine for Photoshopping

Wedding Photographer Sydney Photoshop and other editing software is great for tidying up an image. But there are some ideological concerns. Are we cheating if we make a change? Is it acceptable to make somebody better looking? Do we remove the individual’s idiosyncrasies and risk making them generic. Should the photo be realistic? If it […]

Essential Wedding Photos Sydney

Essential Wedding Photos Sydney There are some wedding images that are a matter or persona preference. There are other that are ‘must have’ images at every wedding, but which are made individual by the uniqueness of each couple. We want to have both of these type of images in the wedding album. Individual brides know […]