Poised For Action

Wedding Videography Sydney The present generation is used to the culture of home videos. More than a few television shows were based on viewer’s home video clips. It was all considered quite easy. Things became even easier with the advent of smartphones and other portable video devices. Of course a lot of home video footage […]

Fine for Photoshopping

Wedding Photographer Sydney Photoshop and other editing software is great for tidying up an image. But there are some ideological concerns. Are we cheating if we make a change? Is it acceptable to make somebody better looking? Do we remove the individual’s idiosyncrasies and risk making them generic. Should the photo be realistic? If it […]

Essential Wedding Photos Sydney

Essential Wedding Photos Sydney There are some wedding images that are a matter or persona preference. There are other that are ‘must have’ images at every wedding, but which are made individual by the uniqueness of each couple. We want to have both of these type of images in the wedding album. Individual brides know […]

Working Smartphone Photos

Wedding Photos Sydney A high end professional camera is always the most versatile means of getting a great photo, especially if you are going for exotic images or trying to capture something under unusual circumstances. But the type of camera we have in a smartphone is also quite useful in a generic, everyday kind of […]

Places to use a Wedding Photo

Wedding Photography Sydney Generations ago there would be a single wedding photo, taken in B/W, with the newly married couple carefully posed. Latter generations got used to the idea of a whole album of images for a wedding day. And over time they came to expect higher and higher quality images. In this modern digital […]

Courtney & Joshua || Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley

Some brides like to have two dresses on their wedding day. For this bride, it was a stunning gown and a pair of … pyjamas. Courtney and Joshua, aged 26 and 25 respectively, married at their elegant romantic wedding on March 31, 2018, at Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley. The weather caused some havoc, but it wasn’t […]

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First Time Lesson

What I learnt taking my First Wedding photos Sydney Make multiple copies of everything – memory cards, schedule and picture lists, battery chargers …etc. Get a picture list. The engaged couple almost certainly have a few images that they really want to see in their wedding album. And there are a few photos that are […]

Ashley & Sonny || Farm Wedding

Ashley and Sonny’s Intimate Farm Wedding We can’t stop smiling when we think of Ashley and Sonny’s intimate South Coast Farm Wedding. Ashley’s embroidered, off-the-shoulder gown and floral hairpiece added romantic detail to their stylish country celebration. The jewel tone of the bridesmaid’s dresses gave a dynamic contrast to the gown, while the floral arrangements […]

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General Photo Tips.

Wedding Photography Sydney People have an intuitive response to art and photography. They might try to analyse individual photographs and ascertain why one image is better than another. They might try to find patterns, rules or just guidelines that spate the good from the bad. These rules and guidelines can never be rigid, lest we […]