Honeymoon Photos

After Wedding Photography Sydney Of course almost every couple wants to get some good photos from the honeymoon. We suggest a few classic ideas. Feel free to add you own individual touch. Ask hotel staff where the great photo opportunities might be. A sunset image. On the beach is one option. Silhouette figures is another. […]

Pre Wedding Photos Sydney

Pre-Wedding Photography Sydney Pre-wedding photos are not exactly a recent trend, but having been around for several years they have become a fairly regular, an almost expected part of the wedding scene for the present generation. They look to become part of the wedding tradition, or at least something that most couples consider for their […]

A Little Night Image

Night Wedding Photography Sydney If we really want to capture high quality images of night scenes you will be using high dynamic range methods (HDR) and a tripod. But as most of us don’t carry our professional camera and tripod with us all the time we sometimes don’t have these options. Occasionally we only have […]

Light Photo Tips

Wedding Photography Sydney Photography is a visual medium, and works by connecting with its viewers. Often a good image happens, caught spontaneously. Sometimes a good image is planned in advance, sometimes a good image is a piece of surreal art, but even then the inspiration behind this is spontaneous, appearing in a dream or when […]