Melbourne Wedding Photography

Melbourne Wedding Photography

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One of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting the perfect photos from your wedding is photographing men. The wisest thing to do is to hire a top wedding photographer in Melbourne to help you get those amazing images. You should take into account these must-know wedding photography tips so that you can get amazing images.

10 Must-Know Tips for Men and Wedding Photography

  1. The Ideal Venues: before the event, tour the venue with the top Melbourne wedding photography specialist. Get a feel for the experience, see the venues where the celebration will take place. This will allow you to choose the locations for individual and group photographs.
  2. Photograph the Groom Apart: On the day of the wedding, the groom will most likely feel very uncomfortable doing a photoshoot in the middle of the crowd. So ask your wedding photography company in Melbourne to find a secluded and quiet space for the perfect session.
  3. Men’s Do What they Do: If you want the men you’ll be photographing to be cooperative and take part, have them do men’s things. This will make them feel cool and confident. He’ll achieve relaxed, natural poses, whether they’re alone or in company.
  4. Strong & Confident: it is essential you generate an attitude in the man you photograph alone. Ask him to sit in a chair, or hold a glass of scotch. Even try having the man leaning against a wall with his hands in his pockets while bringing his chest off the wall.
  5. Busy Hands: one of the best wedding photography ideas in Melbourne for men is to keep their hands busy. Men usually feel and look awkward if they have nothing to do with their hands. Buttoning his jacket or holding it, grabbing a glass or even his hands in his pocket will generate incredible effects.
  6. Show What You Want: You will find it challenging to explain to the groom in words what you want. It is best that if you want the groom, dad, or a group to do a particular pose, make an example. Keep in mind that many are visual and if they see what you want you will achieve the ideal pose.
  7. Laughter: having the men laugh will allow you to get a great group shot. Keep in mind that in their poker meetings or when they watch rugby they are usually joking around. So encourage that attitude, and you will get extraordinary images.
  8. The Look: The head-on look may not be the best idea when photographing men. It’s better to get them to look elsewhere. A trick used by the best wedding day photographers in Melbourne is to have them look towards the horizon, for example towards the landscape or through a window.
  9. In profile: the frontal body is not very flattering to the male subject. When shooting the groom, always try using angled poses, even if only slightly. You will see he will be in a better position, and the photograph will be beautiful.
  10. Proximity: getting too close to the camera can make men nervous. It’s better to have some distance, which allows you to get a good shot, and keep the attitude of the person posing.

Trust the Experts

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