Should Photographers Take a Traditional or Candid Approach to Wedding Photography in Illawarra?

Your wedding day should include romance, passion and memories that you want to cherish forever. After all, you’re with the people you love, as you promise yourself to your better half for the rest of your days. Wedding photography in Illawarra is an integral part of your big day because photos allow you to relive the magic repeatedly. However, there are many different styles of photography, so you need to choose the one that suits you the most.

Traditionally, photographers set everybody up in perfect poses with flawless lighting to capture high-quality images. While these pictures can look fantastic, many people prefer other photography styles that have a more authentic feel. There’s something too fake about forced poses and manufactured lighting for the people who’d rather have real-life shots that capture the moments as they happen.

At Fame Park Studios, our capable wedding photographers in Illawarra capture the magic of your marriage by taking a candid approach to photography. We blend into the background seamlessly to capture fantastic shots of the festivities, and the camera-shy won’t even know we’re there. Of course, we can cater to your needs if you have something different in mind, but our customers tend to prefer our candid approach because the results are authentic photos that tell a story.

Stunning Illawarra Wedding Photography

Our style of Illawarra wedding photography is contemporary rather than traditional because we know how to utilise the latest equipment and technology to capture magical, authentic shots that you’ll love forever. Here’s why candid photography is growing in popularity:

  • Be the driver of your wedding – Traditional photographers like to orchestrate many aspects of your day to capture the best shots, which means you might be dragged around from area to area when you’d rather be celebrating. While it’s nice to have some pictures of the family and friends posing on your big day, it’s better to be able to become lost in the romance of your wedding and have a photographer there to capture images from a distance.
  • Encourage the camera-shy to join in – Some people prefer not to be in pictures, but you want to remember seeing them have fun. Our Illawarra wedding photographer takes pictures of the joyful times without forcing people to leave their comfort zone. With our approach to photography, everybody can enjoy your big day anxiety-free.
  • Capture the moments as they happen – Pictures are supposed to tell a story, which is why we like to capture the most amazing moments of your wedding as they happen. You will see people laughing, smiling, crying, and having fun, time and time again with our fantastic photos.

Make Your Wedding a Day to Remember

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so you need to pull out all the stops to ensure it remains in your memory forever. Our pictures will take you back to the day as if it was yesterday for decades to come, and our prices are excellent value. Contact us today on 02 9661 8396 to talk to one of our friendly professionals, and we’d be glad to make an appointment.