Choosing a Wedding Photography Style and Where to Find a Photographer in Little Bay

Choosing a wedding photographer in Little Bay is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your big day. Before you choose a photographer, though, it’s helpful to have some ideas about what you’re looking for concerning the style of your photos. This will help you determine what type of photographer you’ll want to shoot your wedding. Some basic styles include:


Instead of posed photos, documentary-style wedding photography in Little Bay involves candid or spontaneous pictures of people and the action and décor. Typical shots might include the beautifully styled dessert table, your cousins’ lively dancing, or the bride laughing and sipping champagne with her bridesmaids. This type of photographer steers mostly clear of shots of people staring at the camera; instead, they focus on capturing special moments just as they happen and putting the pictures together to tell a story.


If you love the look of classic portraits, look for a traditional photographer who focuses on portraiture. These images include you and your family and friends posed in front of various backdrops. Of course, “traditional” doesn’t mean boring. There’s plenty of room for creativity in portraiture. While some photographers prefer traditional settings for their photos, such as the ceremony altar, others take a more original approach. For example, they might take a picture of you and your new spouse outside with mountains in the background or relaxing together in a lounge chair at your hip reception venue.

Fine Art

The fine art style is similar to documentary but gives the photographer a little more artistic license to express their own point of view in the images. Your photos will still reflect reality, but it will be the photographer’s reality. For instance, the photos might have a grainier, more muted, or dreamier appearance, although they will still be gorgeous and dramatic. Wedding photographers who choose to shoot on film tend to fall into the fine art category. They are also likely to favour black and white shots, although some are happy to do a mix of both. Some photographers who use digital cameras can still capture this style, as long as they have the right equipment.

Bold and Edgy

This style is an offshoot of fine art and tends to make use of tilted angles and unconventional framing. For example, you might see a photo of the happy couple exchanging vows at the altar, but the image might look tilted with a candle or altar arrangement in the foreground. Or a shot of the bride getting her makeup done might be taken from above, with the focus on the makeup brush rather than her face.

Professional Wedding Photography in Little Bay

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