Best Places for Wedding Photography in Bankstown

Bankstown is a superb destination for your wedding photography. From the Bankstown City Gardens to the Old Town Centre Plaza, Bankstown is a charming location that offers many possibilities for scenic backdrops for your wedding photos. Moreover, Bankstown gives wedding photographers ample opportunities to capture your special moments in a candid fashion as you take in the sights. Here are some highlights that are well worth your consideration when you are planning your big day.

Where Wedding Photographers Go in Bankstown

Several botanical gardens make for some of the best locations for wedding photography in Bankstown. The McLeod Reserve along Hume Highway is situated where Bankstown’s first public school was built and today is home to the friendship garden. In addition to celebrating the area’s local cultural diversity, the garden features Japanese-style statuary and large boulders which can both add visual interest to your wedding photographs.

If you prefer a wild and rustic look, the Sylvan Grove Native Garden is off the beaten track and hosts over 1500 native plants in a natural bushland setting. This is a choice location for spring weddings, with the entire park erupting in a sea of colourful wildflowers and various blooms from August to mid-November.

Not to be overlooked are the Bankstown City Gardens. This location has the benefit of being centrally located, as well as offering a lush and verdant setting for your wedding photography. Go to Observatory Hill within the Gardens for some of the best views.

Lesser Known Gems to Consider

While parks are the obvious choice that most wedding photographers in Bankstown will suggest, you may consider other options. The Old Town Centre Plaza has many quaint storefronts and sitting areas that can offer an old-fashioned touch with a stylish flair. After your photographs, there are plenty of nearby eateries and cafes to enjoy with your guests or just for the two of you. The old Town Hall building is another consideration, with its unique architecture and landscaping.

The Arts Centre features a variety of modern sculptures and offers interactive exhibits year-round. There is a good chance that there will be something interesting going on for your wedding photography no matter when you plan your ceremony.

For the true aviation fanatic, it goes without saying that Bankstown offers plenty of opportunities to include the runways or aircraft in your wedding photographs. The Bankstown Aviation Museum may be worth visiting but see in advance if you can have your photography done there.

At Fame Park Studios, we excel at capturing the moment no matter where you may be. Whether at Chifley, where we are based or in Bankstown, your wedding photography is our number one priority. We will help ensure that wherever you choose to have your photographs done, they will capture the perfect moment that you can cherish for years to come.