Style Considerations for Wedding Photography in Chifley

Choosing your wedding photographer and the style of photography you wish to have is a major consideration as you prepare for your big day. Here at Fame Park, located in Chifley, wedding photography is what we do best. We can help you select the style and the location that will best complement your wedding and will offer the best moments to capture.

Choosing the Perfect Style

Wedding photography has come a long way from the traditional, static poses that you may be familiar with looking through family photo albums. In generations past, it was typical for wedding photographers to dictate the setting and poses for the bride and groom, and for each member of the wedding party as well. This could be a lot of hassle, especially on a day when you just want to focus on your wedding!

Chifley is a modern and hip locale, with the nearby La Perouse beaches and other trendy settings close at hand. What better reason for Chifley wedding photographers to buck the norms and do away with the typical wedding photo clich├ęs?

You may want to consider your wedding photography as being a fine art or fashion piece, where the settings and other details are carefully planned to create a certain feel or dramatic effect. This approach can create some gorgeous shots, without feeling lifeless or too staged. We can help ensure that whatever style you choose will be the perfect fit for your wedding.

When considering your wedding photographs, you may also want to think about the kinds of candid moments you want to capture. The poses are less important than the authentic encounters that emerge as you and your beloved mingle and spend time with your friends and family. A wedding photographer can act as your personal photojournalist, capturing the action as it naturally unfolds.

Best Candid Locations for Wedding Photographers in Chifley

There are various prime locations for natural, candid wedding photography in Chifley and the surrounding areas. Nearby Botany Bay has some stunning vistas that allow a photographer to capture you as you take in the sights overlooking the sea. The beaches offer many opportunities for informal wedding photography as well, from Frenchmans Bay to Congwong Bay Beach.

Wedding photographers in Chifley have made use of these locations for years, and for a good reason! Consider also the La Perouse monument as a destination, or the Bob Clarke Memorial Reserve as a location for you and your guests to explore. Whether you want a traditional look, something more natural, or perhaps photos with a more modern feel, you can probably find it somewhere in Chifley or very nearby.

Wherever you choose, Fame Park Studios would like to be your Chifley wedding photographers, offering you the best value package and full photography services. We can also travel should you decide to have your wedding photography done outside Chifley. Whatever your style may be, we have the way to capture it perfectly.