Wedding Videographer Sydney

Wedding Videographer Sydney

If you’re planning to hire a wedding videographer in Sydney, you may have some questions to ask the wedding videography company. So, to ensure you clear all your doubts, Fame Park Studios has decided to answer some frequently asked questions about wedding videography.

Why should I hire your company to capture my wedding?

At Fame Park Studios, we’ll capture the best moments of your day without being intrusive. We promise to exceed your expectations. By the time you watch your wedding video, you’ll feel confident that we know what you’re looking for

Which photographer will be shooting my wedding?

At Fame Park Studios, we decide on the photographer that will be filming your engagement session and wedding based on availability, personality, language abilities, and your referral. Or you request to meet with a specific photographer.

What’s your limit on hours?

We don’t have a limit on hours. We video until we’ve captured all the important moment we need to tell your story. Generally, we try to film when you’re getting ready in the morning and when you enter the wedding reception. We want to video everything you care about. As one of the best wedding videographers in Sydney, we strive to capture all the moments of your big day.

How long will it take to get my wedding videos?

We know you can’t wait to see your wedding video. At Fame Park Studios, we stick to a quick turnaround time. We’ll try to have your video ready after a few weeks of your wedding date. 

Do you use lights?

Our professional camera equipment and our experience allow us to use natural light only. We use a minimal amount of extra lighting at night and during the reception to capture the best quality image.  

Can you travel for weddings?

Yes, we certainly can. We can travel throughout the country to film your wedding, but additional charges to cover our travel and accommodation costs will apply. 

What sort of things do you capture on the wedding day?

We don’t set up posed scenes. We leave the arrangements to the photographer. We strive to capture a natural record of what your day entailed.

How do we book a date with you?

Just contact our Sydney office at 02 8051 3205 or our Melbourne office 03 9221 6300, and we’ll be happy to get the ball rolling. We need to know where your wedding is taking place and what package you’d like to go for.

Can we meet before the wedding day?

Yes. We love to meet you before the big day. We like to understand your expectations, and we are ready to answer any questions that you have. We also want to meet you even if you have not decided to hire us. 

Still Have More Questions? Contact Us

If you have any more questions about wedding Videographer Sydney, get in touch with the experts at Fame Park Studios on the phone by calling our Sydney office at 02 8051 3205 or our Melbourne office 03 9221 6300.

Wedding Videographer Sydney

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