Doltone House Sydney Wedding

There was something so elegantly comfortable about the wedding of Stacey and Chris. Perhaps it was the setting when we first arrived at the address to meet and greet Stacey, or maybe it was the intricate detailing and colour schemes established ahead of time – but whatever it was, we knew that the day was going to be a real treat.

Stacey is one classy lady, and her soon to be husband Chris was a true gentleman if ever we saw one. The happy couple were all smiles from the offset and this joy didn’t fade as the day wore on; in fact, we’re sure the laughter and celebrations only became louder and more contagious. It’s always nice to see a couple so in love that nothing else seems to matter and that’s exactly the feeling we got with Stacey and Chris.

The wedding itself was truly luxurious, with a vintage vehicle bringing Stacey to the stunningly captivating church, where her soon to be husband was patiently waiting for the arrival of his love. The ceremony itself was breathtaking and as the pair exchanged vows, there was not a single person in the church that doubted the genuine, heartfelt passion the couple felt for one another.

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