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Find the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue in Sydney

Your wedding is the biggest and probably the most expensive party you will ever throw, so it can be more than a little intimidating to start planning. There’s just so much to think about – every little detail counts, from creating your guest list to choosing a theme, finding your dream dress, right through to ensuring the food and drink is perfect for every one of your guests.

One the most essential details of them all is the wedding venue. These days, you can go as lavish or as simple as you want, even forgoing steadfast wedding traditions such as bouquets and wedding cake, but you have to get married somewhere.

Incredible Venues right across Sydney’s City

Sydney brides (and grooms) have many incredible wedding venues right across Sydney to choose from, offering everything from a charming French Chateau, to a host of contemporary stylish city centre restaurants and luxury hotels with amazing Sydney harbour views.

With more and more weddings taking place, particularly in the popular spring and summer months, it’s crucial to decide on your wedding venue and have it booked and confirmed as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed.

Choosing a wedding venue in Sydney doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you know the type of wedding reception venue you are looking for, you can follow a few simple steps to help you develop your initial wish list and then narrow things down from there.

When and Where is the Big Day?

The ring has been picked, the question has been popped, the bride or groom has said yes. Now it comes down to choosing the date. While some couples are keen to secure a particular date that suits their love story, others are entirely flexible.

In general, the more adaptable you are with your wedding date, the higher chance that your favourite Sydney wedding reception venue will be available. We always suggest starting with the season you most enjoy the best.

For instance, would you prefer a summer wedding where you can dance late into the Sydney night, or a romantic candlelight dinner during the winter months? From there, pick a selection of dates within your ideal month. Typically in Sydney, wedding venues are at their most expensive in the peak summer season, while prices can tend to tail off towards the winter months.

Remember to Stay True to Your Culture.

Sydney is such a fantastically diverse and cosmopolitan city, that enjoys a rich multicultural heritage, so just because Sydney may not be your home country there is no reason why it can’t host your wedding ceremony. For example, the beautiful Sydney harbour bay area offers you a host of splendid waterfront locations, including luxury hotels and sophisticated restaurants that can provide you with all you need for the perfect Indian, Kosher or Persian wedding reception.

Even if you’re far away from home

By choosing such a venue for your wedding reception, you and your guests can stay close to your culture even if you’re far away from your homeland.

If you want to include any particular cultural rituals or ceremonies as part of your wedding reception, make sure that the Sydney wedding venue you choose can create space and the necessary arrangements. It’s important to discuss all of this with the wedding venue beforehand to avoid any cultural embarrassments.

And remember, even if they haven’t had experience with such a wedding previously, a professional wedding venue in Sydney will be more than willing to work with you to ensure that all your wedding day dreams come true.

Decide on your Wedding Style

You don’t have to have a hugely expensive wedding extravaganza just to make sure your wedding stands out to your guests. Something as simple and elegant as a theme colour, or themed flowers, will tie everything together beautifully. Most Sydney wedding venues are experts and have professional contacts to help guide you in the right direction.

Look for a Wedding Venue that will Work with You

When you know your wedding style, go looking for a wedding reception venue in Sydney that fits perfectly or is willing to work with you to make your vision come true.

If you are planning a rose themed wedding, look for a rose garden, a castle, or even a vintage restaurant. Anything that fits your specific theme will be a perfect wedding venue. Even if it doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for a wedding, there’s a wedding venue to meet every kind of wedding imagined in Sydney.

Create the Guest List

Not always an easy task – but one that needs doing. The length of your guest list plays a huge factor in both selecting the right wedding venue and the size of your budget.

Start with a master list of everyone you’d like to invite. Then make a secondary list of everyone you absolutely must ask.

Compile a Rough Estimate of Guests

From there, you should be able to put together a rough estimate of how many guests you would like to join you on your special day; remember, you can always filter your list by venue capacity.

After all, you wouldn’t want a wedding venue that feels less than half full or too crowded. Matching your guest number with the venue size is a great way to maintain a lively atmosphere throughout the day, as well as control the budget.

Budget is King

While every bride and groom want their wedding day to be unique and one that everyone remembers, it’s essential to decide on a budget and stick with it.

So before you go off and fall in love with what you think is the perfect Sydney wedding reception venue, you need to know your exact budget. Like finding the perfect wedding dress, falling in love with a reception venue you can’t afford can be devastating.

Once you have agreed on your budget, it’s time to narrow things down, and you can start to create an initial list of venues. Remember, the majority of venues don’t publish their rates since many variables affect the price, so call them or drop them an email to get more information.

Not all Wedding Venues Charge in the Same Manner

Remember, not all wedding reception venues throughout Sydney charge in the same manner. Some will offer you an all-inclusive wedding package price based on the number of guests attending, while others may only quote you for the space, meaning you still need to look for things such as caterers, room design and music – which of course, will be additional costs.

Remember to Double-Check the Costs

So before you dash off and book your dream wedding venue, double-check about any extra fees, service charges and, of course, if the wedding packages include GST.

Check out the Wedding Venues in Person

Now that you have put together a manageable list of wedding venues around Sydney that you think will work for you, it’s time to check them out. Set up an appointment to visit each wedding venue and speak to the manager or the wedding event coordinator.

Remember it’s Your Special Day

When you have the tour, listen to your instincts: Does this feel right the moment you walk through the door? Will this wedding venue leave you with lasting memories of your special day? Will your guests be happy to attend your wedding reception here? Don’t try to talk yourself into anything if you get a bad vibe – remember, it’s your special day.

While you’re at the wedding venue, ask about the various menu options to see if they cater for all of your needs and, if possible, see if you can sample the food and drink selections as it’s important that everything meets your expectations.

Your Wedding Reception Venue can have a Great Impact on Your Guests

Also, be sure to check out accessibility, as the location of your chosen wedding venue may also have a significant impact on your guests.

For example, while that super stylish dining room at the top of three flights of stairs might offer stunning views right across the harbour and the bay might be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, it could well be the downfall for an elderly relative.

Likewise, the old world charm of a luxury hotel might seem like the ideal romantic getaway with its view across manicured lawns and super stylish French charm. But how will your guests feel about trying to find an Uber back into the city at midnight if there is no room at the hotel or house accommodation near to your chosen Sydney wedding venue?

Other Things to Consider During Your Venue Visit

Is there enough space?

You will need to see the various rooms/spaces (ceremony, separate room for the bridal party during cocktail hour, cocktails, reception, and ballroom for dancing). The importance of each of these spaces will be different for each couple.

Wet weather options

Wet weather options are is a must, particularly if you are choosing to have an outdoor wedding reception. The last thing you want is guests being forced to shelter under umbrellas or the bottom of your handmade designer wedding dress caked in mud.

What is the role of the Wedding Co-ordinator?

Understand what role the wedding co-ordinator will take towards assisting you in planning your reception to perfection, ensuring you and your guests enjoy every moment of the perfect wedding reception.

Any Restrictions

Find out if there are any vendor restrictions or decorating restrictions, as this will be incredibly important if you’re considering a themed wedding or if you’re thinking of adding your own special touches to your wedding reception, e.g. fireworks, or a smoke machine?

What Time Does the Venue Close?

Typically the right amount of time for a wedding reception is between four and five hours, so it’s crucial to determine the wedding venue’s closing hours, particularly if you want a reception that finishes late into the night.

Ensuring Everyone gets Home Safely

Finally, consider transportation options for your guests. Is there enough onsite parking, access to public transport, taxis, or Uber (particularly if your chosen wedding venue is in a remote location), as you need to ensure your guests have a way of getting home safely.

So while it is your special day, it is essential to keep your guests in mind when choosing your wedding reception venue in Sydney.

Choosing your Wedding Reception Venue in Sydney

After visiting a number of venues, you should be able to narrow your list down to the top two or three contenders. From there, you and your partner will need to decide which is best for you.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to include wedding venues that fit into your budget and are in a great Sydney location, you really can’t make a mistake. You just have to determine which one has the best features and will bring your wedding reception dreams to life.

Your Special Sydney Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding reception in Sydney, or any other location for that matter is never easy, as there are many moving parts involved to make it a special day you’ll never forget. But the great thing about holding your wedding reception in Sydney is that you have a fantastic choice of locations, many offering stunning harbour views. Each Sydney wedding venue is unique and will allow your wedding day to be extra special, full of memories just as you envisioned.

Wedding Reception Venues

We’re here to help and answer any question you might have.
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