Zest Waterfront Point Piper Wedding

Getting married under a huge tree in the presence of loved ones is something that so many dream about, but Alex and Alexander were able to make this vision a reality when they shared their vows and became man and wife. Seeing Alex get prepared for her big day allowed us a unique insight into how she was feeling; and what we saw was passion, excitement and genuine affection toward her partner.

Alexander mimicked the same attributes and when he first saw his soon to be wife, his eyes widened and it was almost as if he fell in love all over again. The outdoor ceremony afforded us plenty of natural light to take advantage of and thanks to the clear sky above, we were able to capture some of the most iconic photos to date.

There’s something organic about being married in the outdoors; from the birds chirping, right through to the soft hues of green, brown and beige. Alexander’s suit made the ideal contrast to the environment around the couple and it was truly challenging to avert your gaze from the love that they both shared with one another. A genuinely memorable day for all present, we hope that Alex and Alexander have a wonderful life together and we thank them for allowing our team to be a part of their special day.

  • Ceremony Venue: Centennial Parkland
  • Reception Venue: Zest Waterfront, Point Piper
  • Photographer: Fame Park Studios
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