Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Wedding

There can be plenty of times when an overcast morning and afternoon can actually be a blessing, and one of these times just so happens to be when shooting dramatic photography. Fortunately, the sky didn’t let us down by providing plenty of ambient light, without glare from the sun.

Ann and Dmitry’s wedding was certainly a day to remember. This small, cosy ceremony was like something from a film; with picturesque views, smiling family members and love that emanated from the bride and groom.

Inside the church was simply stunning, with clean pale tones, eye-catching artwork and a layout that made things ideal for our services. We were able to capture a multitude of high quality photos that truly commemorated the day for the happy couple by taking full advantage of the views, scenery and surroundings.

Ann had two outfits for the day – a beautiful dress and an elegant change of clothing for after the ceremony. Dmitry opted to look classy throughout in his stylish suit that perfectly matched his new wife’s choices.

We wish Ann and Dmitry the very best as they embark on their new journey of marriage together – and as you’ll undoubtedly be able to tell from the photos, even an overcast day can provide an ideal backdrop for capturing memories!

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