Beach Wedding Attire For Men To Help You Dress Like a Man

Beach Wedding Attire For Men To Help You Dress Like a Man

Beach weddings are different than most, and also one of the most magical! It is natural to feel confused about what to wear if you are attending or hosting a beach wedding. When it comes to attire, the theme calls for relaxed fit, cool, and informal vibes thanks to the “beach” factor as opposed to more formal dress standards like cocktail, semi-formal, or formal. Naturally, the season, the weather, and the location will all influence how you choose to dress.

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What to Wear Beach Wedding Men

You take a brief vacation of your own when you go to a beach wedding. If you receive an invitation to a wedding in a tropical location, you might not know how to dress. The attire of the attendees at a beach wedding varies on the venue and the event’s theme.

Remember that beach wedding clothes for men are more elegant than your typical pair of shorts. Even though a full suit may not be required, your outfit should nonetheless be appropriate for a wedding. Even if the beach wedding is casual, it’s still a wonderful idea to dress up a little and stay away from t-shirts and flip-flops.

Although it’s common knowledge that outfits for a beach wedding should be formal-casual, this isn’t always the situation. Mens beach wedding clothes doesn’t frequently include vibrant hues, airy fabrics, and semi-formal accessories, but we can make do with the options we have. The most popular choice for beach wedding clothes for guys is a pair of chinos and button-down shirt or dress slacks.

Many of mens beach wedding attire boasts of design such as colourful and simple embroidery over cotton fits that run across the square hem too. However, given the limited options available in mens beach wedding outfits it would at times storm up a sense of confusion, so here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

Beach Wedding Dress Code

Most beach wedding invitations will list one of these dress standards, which will set the event’s formality. This can be a great help if you are stuck wondering about wedding outfits for men beach. Think classic suit and tie as you would for a garden or other outside wedding when dressing for a beach formal affair.

  • Semi-formal: When entering the sand, forgo the tie, pull up your slacks, and don a sports jacket. This is one of the best options for men’s casual beach wedding attire.
  • Shorts, short-sleeve shirts, or long sleeve shirts with sleeves rolled up are your best beach wedding outfits men, which is a little more formal than smart casual.
  • If there is no dress code listed on the invitation, it is best to be cautious and wear semi-formal attire. When the dance floor opens, you may easily dress it up with accessories.

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Considerations For Dressing For A Beach Wedding

If you have been spending hours looking up ‘what to wear to a beach wedding mens,’ here’s a quick way to help you figure it out. There are many options for beach wedding outfits for guys – it’s all up to how far you want to experiment.

Most mens beach wedding attire ideas come from simple things such as the weather and location. Beaches are generally humid and warm, so your attire should also be with respect to these elements. For instance, if you are attending or hosting a wedding during the warmer months, then you should check out some Summer wedding beach wedding attire for men. The logic is simple – you don’t want to be stuck sweating in a suit during the summers!


Oceanfront wedding locations usually boasts pleasant breezes, but you never know when a storm might come in or a heat wave can begin, leaving you drenched in sweat while wearing a suit. Simple is what we suggest:

  • Consider the weather prediction when dressing.
  • Make sure your men beach wedding wear includes light-weight materials that won’t stick to your skin and keep you cool in the sun.
  • To stay comfortable in the sun, think about wearing fabrics like chiffon, linen, organza, and cotton blends.


Perhaps it should go without saying, but the ideal colours for a beach wedding mens outfit are light, vibrant hues. You should dress brightly on a sunny day by the sea with your feet in the sand. If the bride has a colour scheme she wants guests to follow, take that into account and search for hues that go well with your skin tone.

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Formal weddings on the beach are conceivable, even though they are not particularly common. The bulk of these events are followed by a reception that normally takes place in the evening and includes a cocktail hour and dinner. Men are supposed to dress in suits, while women are expected to wear floor-length dresses.

Ideas for Beach Wedding Dress For Men

For a laid-back beach wedding, you can go for beach chic wedding attire male – something along the lines of gorgeous beach wedding pants for men paired with striped or a breezy cotton shirt. However, if you are going for a classic style, try giving white beach wedding attire for men a spin.

You should dress in jeans and a button-down shirt if you need to wear semi-formal men beach wedding attire. As an alternative, you can omit the tie and choose a vest or suit jacket! In a non-traditional situation, you could feel restricted and uneasy, particularly in warm or tropical weather.

What to Wear: Mens Beach Wedding Outfit

‘What to wear to beach wedding male’ searches must have presented to you a whole list of mens beach wear for wedding. But how do you know which to choose? Here is a quick guide and a pro-tip to help you choose the beach attire for men wedding: when deciding what to dress to a wedding on the beach, don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter pastels and hues to go with the celebration’s cheerful, carefree tone.

Suit for beach wedding men

For any formal wedding attire for men beach wedding, a two-piece suit in light blue, cream, beige, or grey is a traditional, time-honoured option. It’s a classic and the colours only bring out the magic of the location.

Separates to include in men’s beach wedding attire

Always begin with your shirt, or your sports jacket if you are wearing one in your beach wedding attire. An easy beach style is achieved by wearing a linen sports jacket with a printed shirt or a white linen shirt. If you aren’t wearing a jacket, a print shirt or other statement-making attire contributes to the enjoyable beach feel.

Shorts in mens beach wedding wear

Shorts are a terrific choice for a beach wedding. Choose fitted shorts with cuffs and pair them with a long-sleeved shirt instead of a short-sleeved one because the latter always appears more stylish. If mens beach wedding attire shorts are too casual, cropped pants with slight ankle exposure are another great choice.

Ties and Bowties in Male Beach Wedding Attire

Since a wedding on the beach is the most relaxed setting possible, a knitted tie is a suitable choice. Alternatively, you might skip the neckwear altogether and wear an unbuttoned shirt or a shirt without a collar.

Shoes for Mens Casual beach wedding attire

You might not need to worry about shoes because you will be immersed in sandy locations. If you do, however, casual dress shoe designs like boat shoes and loafers are ideal for the beach. Avoid wearing black shoes at the beach; instead, wear ones that are brown, tan, white, or another light color.

Beach wedding menswear shoes are more important than you might realize, despite the fact that wearing shoes while walking in the sand for a wedding ceremony may seem absurd. If you’re getting married indoors or on a boardwalk, your feet will be grateful to have a place to relax.

To a laid-back beach wedding, men can wear flip-flops made of leather and other sandals, but a light-colored boat shoe or loafer is always a nice choice. Even for a formal seaside wedding, wedge sandals or shoes that are really high are inappropriate.

Choose a pair of formal gladiator sandals or flats if you’re seeking for comfortable footwear that still looks stylish. It’s a great idea to bring a backup pair of your best shoes when going to a formal beach wedding.

Socks to go with mens beach wedding apparel

Whether or not to wear socks is up for debate. We recommend that you should wear a loafer, white sneaker, or sandal with no socks for a seaside wedding. No-show socks are an excellent alternative that will provide you with the same appearance but more comfort.

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Tips for Dressing Like a Beach-Going Groom

No need to worry if you’ll be the one at the altar waiting and are unsure about what to wear. We got your back. Your significant other and you should be the center of attention, and your beach wedding attire should unquestionably be the most formal. Wear a pair of beige linen slacks and a seersucker short-sleeve button-down if you’ve decided to have a casual wedding.

You’re welcome to wear flip-flops or go barefoot to dig your toes into the inviting sand. Wear a grey or dusty blue suit that separate with a white shirt and pocket square for a formal beach wedding. Again, lean toward those pale colors to go with your sandy backdrop.

Be Fashionably Stylish

Finding the perfect outfit may seem to be the most difficult task right now, especially, if it is your wedding knocking on the door. It’s the most special day of your life and you want to put your best look forward. It’s always best to consult with your wedding planner or the hosts about any dress code.

Its best to confirm before you make this move because there may be cases where you may be invited to a beach wedding but the reception and ceremony is indoors overlooking the waters. For instance, if you are hosting a wedding or attending a wedding at Brighton Savoy Hotel, you have the ability to enjoy both the beach and the luxurious indoors.

The couple may request “beach wedding wear” in various situations, even if the dress code is occasionally included in the invitation. Being overdressed is always better than being underdressed. If the invitation doesn’t specify formality, wear clothing appropriate for a semi-formal occasion.

Modern interpretations of semi-formal attire include summer suits, breezy material, and tropical embellishments. Instead of your swimming suit and swim shorts, spice up the look by donning something more formal. The wearing of sun hats is advisable for a fashionable finish.

In most cases, carrying extra pair of clothes may do you wonders, but also checking in with the hosts well in advance might make your decision easier. However, if you are attending or hosting a beach wedding, make sure to inform your friends and family to carry a change of attire – because no one can resist dipping their toes in the sea.

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Your Time to Shine

You can be a little more casual while dressing for a “beach” event than you would for a cocktail, semi-formal, or formal affair. Your choice of clothing will depend on a number of factors, including the time of year, the climate, and the venue of the event.

Beach weddings are more relaxed than other wedding styles. The ideal colours for a beach wedding dress are light and vibrant hues. Men should wear khaki, linen, or seersucker slacks, a button-down shirt, and a sports coat for the ideal beach wedding attire.

It is natural to be overwhelmed by beach wedding attire men options. Irrespective of your choice, your outfit will not nearly be as complete if you don’t pull it off in style. Whether you have opted for mens beach wedding attire casual, or formal wedding beach mens attire, even the best dressed falls short without confidence.


We’re here to help and answer any question you might have.
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