Beach Wedding Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

Beach Wedding Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

There is something utterly exciting and romantic about exchanging vows at the sound of waves softly folding on the beach, surrounded by the chatter of your loved ones. It is natural to want to freeze the moment you embark on a new journey in the arms of your love. That’s where golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters come to save the day.

Because they are the most peaceful and romantic, beach wedding aesthetic are immensely popular all year long. With your loved ones by your side, enjoy a stunning sunrise and sunset while wearing a stunning, flowing wedding gown. What a lovely and charming thing it is! This stunning list of beach wedding themes will definitely give any couple wishing to say ‘I do’ by the water some inspiration.

A Beach Inspired Wedding is Magical

There are many beach wedding decoration ideas you can include in your wedding that will appear themed but will make your day feel magical, whether you’re getting married right next to the water or you just have a strong affinity for all things nautical.

Wedding themes beach are of various kinds and can vary based on seasons, colours, inspiration and others. Here are some top beach wedding theme ideas that you can explore for your big day. You can use this article for wedding ideas beach related which we have carefully brought together to present to you the best beach wedding reception ideas. Whether you are looking for elegant beach wedding decorations or simply seeking for beach wedding inspo, you will find it all here.

The bride and groom are having their first kiss as a husband and wife on palm beach

Inspirational Beach Wedding Ideas

​Many couples find the concept of having a beach wedding, or a beach wedding party filled with seaside decorations, intriguing. The aesthetic lends itself to a wide variety of interpretations, with looks that range from bohemian to elegant, exotic to understated, and informal to blatantly fashionable. If you are looking for seaside wedding ideas, here’s a good place to start.

Beach Wedding Decor

One of the most important parts of most beach wedding set up ideas are the kind of decor to use. Outdoor wedding settings like these presents to you a multitude of natural beach wedding accessories at your disposal.

A beautiful tropic style arches for a beach wedding

Decorative Aquatic Aisles

With an aisle decked with wedding decorations beach theme such as vibrant coral, textured grasses, dried flowers, sea-glass vases, and the occasional cactus for good measure, you may immerse your ceremony in all the accoutrements of underwater finery. Any mermaid bride would be at home in this environment.

Decor for a Tropical Bar

Serve traditional summer drinks like margaritas and Aperol spritzers in a decorated bar with lush plants. Dragonfruits and birds of paradise are among the colorful decorations in this Hawaiian beach wedding arrangement. This is one of the best Summer beach wedding ideas to explore.

Ideal Beach Wedding Seating

An ideal beach wedding theme would be incomplete without the perfect seating arrangement which would elevate the whole setting. Even for a beach wedding ideas simple needs you to take a lot into consideration when planning your seating arrangements. Any beach themed wedding is incomplete without the perfect seating.

Non-classic decors for an indoor wedding reception near a beach

Seating Chart

The most adaptable seating chart is made of acrylic. It may be used to display current wedding décor and blends nicely with any background. Here, it assumes the full splendor of nature presented on a background of lush leaves to elevate beach wedding setups. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most simple beach wedding ideas.

Statement Chairs

The newlyweds deserve a special place at the table because they are the day’s VIPs. They stand out at a place of honor, and a proper statement chair makes for some amazing photos. Wcker circular beauties scream beach aristocracy focusing on simple beach wedding decorations.

Elegant Reception Chairs

A comfy lounge area is created with plush seats and inviting cushions, and an informal atmosphere is created by quirky throw rugs that anchor the area and prevent visitors from tracking sand around. This also sits perfectly with several beach theme wedding decoration ideas.

Beach Wedding Season

The next step is planning the ideal date and time for your wedding after you have decided on the location. Consider scheduling your wedding outside of hurricane season if you live in a storm-prone area. At the same time, try to visualise the theme for your wedding and schedule your dates accordingly. For instance, if you have a beach wedding idea that would be perfect for the Summers, schedule your dates accordingly.

In addition to the weather, you should think about what time of day you want to get married. Beach weddings at sunset are beautiful, but you’ll need to plan ahead. If you want to click pictures after the ceremony, schedule it to end an hour early to catch the enchanted “golden hour.” This will give your guests enough time to get to the cocktail hour or, if your reception is in a different site, to another venue.

The bride and groom are standing side by side after their wedding.

Beach Wedding Dress Code

if you are at the beach, you must dress accordingly. You don’t want to arrive in an outfit that makes you look great, but feel horrible. Beaches are generally windy, humid and often wet. You can choose to decide on a dress code which would align with your beach wedding decor or theme, or simply leave a disclaimer with your invitation.

Here are some tips on beach wedding wear for everyone:


It is best to dress elegantly but casually for a beach wedding style. Consider linen and light-colored suits for guys. And for women, choosing breathable clothes is excellent! Just be cautious while wearing silk because it doesn’t absorb moisture as well as cotton and can reveal unattractive sweat stains on a muggy day.


A linen or cotton suit is usually a good choice. You may also opt for seersucker. Alternately, the groomsmen can wear a combination of linen and seersuckers while the groom wears a suit. In order to maintain a casual yet stylish appearance, the groom might also create a fantastic boutonniere for his suit jacket.

The groom is getting ready for his wedding


Avoid purchasing a wedding dress that is excessively bulky. Although they may seem fantastic in photographs, they are not very useful. You want something that is lighter and more mobile! At beach weddings, off-the-shoulder and strapless dresses look stunning. Just make an effort to stay tan-free before your big day! See our picks for the best beach wedding attire.

Another item to think about are shoes. To help you stay balanced on sand or grass, stay away from stiletto heels and opt for a block heel instead. If you’re holding a ceremony on the sand, you can also provide flip-flops for your guests, or you can wear dressier sandals and create a “shoe station” where you and your guests can choose to forgo shoes.

The bride and her bridesmaid are getting dressed for her beach wedding

Make Your Dream Come True!

Australia is home to some of the best beaches in the world! Each of them proudly boasts exotic and luxurious locations for weddings. Take for instance, the hotel Brighton Savoy. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding venues and are usually booked well in advance.

So if you are simply looking for beach wedding inspiration or browsing for beach wedding decorating ideas, you can end your hunt now. Take a look at this list and start planning your beach, wedding! From small beach wedding ideas to extravagant ones, find all the best beach wedding ceremony ideas here.

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