Oatlands House Sydney Wedding

This wedding was featured on Sunday Telegraph on the 15th of December 2019

When Bianca told our team that she wants a few shots with her exotic pet, we really didn’t expect to see an almost four-foot snake, but that’s exactly what she did. From the moment we saw her preparing for the day ahead, she was all smiles and her happy go lucky attitude was contagious to everyone around her.

It wasn’t just Bianca that was excited for her big day; her husband to be was just as overjoyed and we couldn’t see a single bit of anxiety or hear a nervous laugh throughout the entire morning. The wedding itself was simply lovely and took place in a picturesque location, with the couple surrounded by loved ones.

One of the most memorable moments for us had to be the bridesmaids slipping Bianca’s shoes on to her feet, and we were lucky enough to capture the contrasting dresses between them and the bride. As soon as the couple met one another at the altar, you could see the sparks flying. We weren’t the only ones to notice either and we spotted several guests leaning over to comment to one another on how happy they looked.

Alex couldn’t keep his hands off of his wife to be and we’re sure that they’ll share this passion for years to come, as this was just the beginning of their journey toward a life shared with one another.

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