Chinese Wedding Dress

The Rich History of the Chinese Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is a unique emblem of China and the Chinese cultural heritage that has been an indispensable ingredient of Chinese weddings for centuries. Owing to the ever-changing fashion and societal norms of both East and West, these ornate attires have been transformed to reflect these transitions. The present-day Chinese wedding dresses blend contemporary designs and traditional elements, enhancing the celebrants’ individuality while paying tribute to their ancestry. The incorporation of the timeless Chinese wedding dress demonstrates a profound reverence for cultural heritage while embracing the present.

The traditional lion dance in traditional Chinese wedding

Origins of the Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

The history of the wearing of a wedding dress in China can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), during which brides wore a ‘hanfu’ – a two-piece ensemble consisting of a flowing skirt and a wrap-around top. This style persisted for centuries, with modifications and adaptations reflecting the aesthetics of various dynasties.

The Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) witnessed the emergence of ‘qipao’ or ‘cheongsam’ as the go-to wedding dress. This dress, coming in a one-piece figure-hugging style, featured a high collar, ornate embroidery, and a side slit. As per Chinese tradition, the bride flaunts a red qipao decorated with intricate designs that symbolise good fortune, happiness, and prosperity. The colour red holds an exceptional significance in Chinese culture and perfectly embodies the joyous nature of the occasion.

The Chinese bride and groom have their wedding photos in front of their house.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Clothes for the Groom

The groom’s attire in traditional Chinese weddings is equally important, with the man usually wearing a matching silk suit in a complementary shade of red. This outfit often featured embroidery and patterns similar to those on the bride’s dress, unifying the couple’s appearance.

The Tea Ceremony: A Core Element of Chinese Weddings

An integral part of any Chinese wedding, the tea ceremony sees the bride wearing her traditional Chinese wedding dress as she serves tea to her new family. This ritual symbolises respect, humility, gratitude, and merging of the two families. It is common for the couple to change their attire multiple times throughout the celebration, with the bride donning a different dress for the tea ceremony and wedding banquet.

The Chinese bride is serving tea to her parents

Embracing Modernity: The Rise of Contemporary Chinese Wedding Dresses

Over the past few years, a surge of fascination for contemporary Chinese bridal gowns has steered numerous brides towards an amalgamation of classic and modern features. Such brides are now embracing Western influences in their wedding outfits, elevating them to a new level of chic. Numerous styles of stylish Chinese wedding dresses are currently making waves, among which are:

White Chinese Wedding Dress

Inspired by Western wedding gowns, the white Chinese wedding dress has recently gained popularity. This Chinese traditional wedding dress is typically features a form-fitting bodice, an A-line skirt, and delicate lace or beading. White represents purity and innocence, contrasting with the traditional red hue. Many brides wear a white gown for the official wedding ceremony and then change into a red cheongsam for the tea ceremony and banquet.

The bride in traditional Chinese wedding dress is welcomed by her family

Chinese Wedding Gown with a Modern Twist

Contemporary Chinese wedding gowns often incorporate elements of both traditional and Western styles. Brides may choose a dress with a cheongsam-style neckline and a flowing, Western-style skirt. Other popular design elements include lace, tulle, or satin, often in shades of red or white. These hybrid gowns allow brides to celebrate their cultural heritage while embracing modern fashion trends.

Fusion Gowns: Blending East and West

A favourite option chosen by many brides is the fusion gown – a beautiful blend of traditional Chinese wedding dress elements and modern Western gown designs. These exquisite gowns often feature a seamless fusion of red or white colour schemes, intricate Chinese embroidery, luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, or lace, and Western-style silhouettes. With fusion gowns, brides can create a distinctive and personalised style that respects their Chinese heritage while displaying their contemporary fashion sense.

The Chinese bride in beautiful modern red dress

Accessories and Finishing Touches for the Chinese Bride

To complete the wedding ensemble, Chinese brides often wear various accessories and adornments that complement their chosen dresses. Some of the most common elements include:

The traditional Chinese wrist corsage fits in the bride’s red dress very well

Hair Accessories

A Chinese bride’s hairstyle plays a crucial role in her overall appearance. Traditional hairpieces, such as gold or jade phoenix coronets, symbolise nobility and grace. Modern brides may opt for tiaras, hairpins, or flowers that complement their wedding gown, whether traditional or contemporary.

Wedding Jewellery

Jewellery is essential to Chinese weddings, with brides often wearing elaborate gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In modern weddings, brides may choose more understated pieces that coordinate with their contemporary gown while honouring cultural traditions.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Shoes

Footwear is another essential element of the Chinese wedding ensemble. Traditionally, brides wore red embroidered shoes with low heels, reflecting the importance of red in Chinese culture. Today, brides may choose modern or traditional styles, depending on their preference and dress style.

Choosing the Perfect Chinese Wedding Dress

When selecting a Chinese wedding dress, it’s essential to consider the bride’s style and preferences and the wedding’s overall theme and tone. Whether opting for a traditional red cheongsam, a modern white gown, or a fusion of both styles, the bride should feel confident and beautiful on her special day.

The bride accepts a red envelope from her parents

Finding Inspiration

Brides can find inspiration from various sources, including bridal magazines, online resources, and wedding hire shops that specialise modern Chinese wedding dress and social media platforms. Attending bridal shows and visiting boutiques specialising in Chinese wedding dresses can also provide ideas and help brides find the perfect gown.

Customisation and Tailoring

For countless brides-to-be, the ultimate goal when shopping for their wedding dress is to find something that showcases their individuality and is tailored to their needs. This is why many choose to have a custom Chinese wedding dress made for their big day. By collaborating with a skilled designer or tailor, the bride can add her personal touches and preferences to the dress, resulting in a unique creation that truly reflects her unique style and personality. A custom-made dress is more than just a garment on the big day; it symbolises the bride’s creativity, confidence, and individuality.


Budget Considerations

Careful consideration of the budget is crucial when choosing a Chinese wedding dress. The cost of these exquisite gowns can fluctuate depending on design, material, and level of craft. Brides should set a predetermined budget to avoid overspending and secure a dress that fits their requirements without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, the Chinese wedding dress, and traditional Asian wedding dress with its rich history and diverse range of styles, remains an essential part of any Chinese wedding. Whether the bride chooses a traditional red cheongsam, a contemporary white gown, a Cantonese wedding dress or a unique fusion of both, the perfect Chinese style wedding dress will undoubtedly reflect her personality and the love she shares with her partner. With such a rich history and various beautiful designs, the Chinese wedding dress continues to symbolise love, commitment, and cultural pride.

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