Burnt Orange Mosman Sydney

This wedding was so exciting to be a part of and we have no doubt that every single person in attendance felt exactly the same way we did. Christianne and Nick are by far one of the most adorable couples that we’ve met and the pair truly seemed to complete one another. The day itself was a huge success, with everything going as planned; we’re so glad we were there to photograph it.

The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen lined up neatly, eagerly awaiting the exchanging of vows and you couldn’t help but notice the careful thought put into the colours used between them. With the Bridesmaids wearing a stunning deep orange tone for their dresses and the Groomsmen’s bow-ties mimicking the hue; their position during the ceremony helped to draw everyone’s eyes toward the happy couple and perfectly frame them in the process.

Christianne looked like she was having so much fun and Nick looked captivated every single time he looked at his blushing bride. After the ceremony, we all headed outside to enjoy the natural light and beautifully natural environment showcased in the photos; with the happy couple and their guests posing for shots with a backdrop that emanated style, class and passion.

There was so much that helped to encapsulate the events of the day, from the panoramic views right through to the colours used for the wedding itself – this is an event that we’ll be sure to remember.

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