Dreamy Garden Wedding Ideas 

Dreamy Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden weddings are easily the most favorite romantic outdoor wedding ideas ! And what’s not to love about a garden wedding theme? Spring and summer beckon for outdoor weddings, and gardens or a chic backyard just happen to be the best locations.

Celebrating the warm and giddy colors of the season, gardens offer the perfect backdrop for any wedding event, from ceremony to reception. And the best part – most garden wedding decorations rely heavily on natural elements of the season such as canopied archways, wicker accents and gilded tones, among others.

When you say, ‘I do,’ make it magical! Here’s your list of garden themed wedding ideas that are surely going to help you create the most enchanting wedding experience for you and your guests.

A rustic outdoor lounge area for a garden wedding

19 Garden Themed Wedding Decorations

Topping the list of outdoor wedding ceremony ideas are garden weddings. It’s simply because of the sheer simplicity and elegance of a rustic, chic and natural venue like this can bring to a special occasion such as a wedding. Here are some garden wedding decoration ideas to get your started.

Bring Out the Indoors

For a sophisticated, summery feel, combine light, wicker pieces with golden tones and masses of lush foliage to create a chic and rustic outdoor lounge area. Any cocktail hour or reception will be elevated and you can simply do this with outdoor furniture that you may already own or by creatively reusing indoor furniture. For a more bohemian look, you may even group mismatched furniture in various materials or tones.

DIY Wedding Garden Decorations

The simplicity of a garden wedding theme gives you ample opportunity to explore your creativity. Give your loyal bridesmaids a fun job and create interesting DIY wedding garden decor elements such as menu cards, seating charts, and more.

DIY Garden Wedding Decorations

Create a Magical Forest Vibe

To create a mystical forest atmosphere for your garden theme  wedding, don’t leave out the trees from the tent. An exquisite outdoor wedding might have reception tables decorated with gold candelabra and flora. Additionally, potted trees or topiaries can be employed as aisle markers or as a surprising touch inside or outside a reception tent.

Outdoor Reception and Ceremony

The diversity of table configurations available when organising a backyard wedding reception is its finest feature. The cake can be placed beneath a gazebo, or lights for dancing can be strung from trees. Your choices are endless!

Add a gelato stand for a fun dessert element! Wooden accents and ferny branches give an outdoor gelato stand an authentic Italian vibe. Visitors will fall head over heels for this engaging dessert table. If gelato isn’t really your thing, you can always switch it out for ice cream!

Intimate wedding decoration for a small bridal party

Light it up

You don’t have to spend a fortune on lighting if that isn’t in your budget but setting the scene and setting the tone are essential for creating an atmosphere. A few overhead bistro lights may illuminate an outdoor dining area, or you can use them to accentuate the grandeur of a tent’s structure by wrapping them around its beams.

Creative Serves

It will probably be warmer, and your guests will be thirsty if you’re having an outside wedding. Set up a number of stations with various drinks. Your visitors can quickly take and go with spigot bottles filled with lemonade, juices, or fruit-infused water, little water bottles with personalised water bottle labels, and cooled down drinks.

Floral Wedding Cake

A cake that resembles the season is one of the most simple garden wedding decorations. If your wedding is in a garden, the ideal cakes are ones that don’t appear overly formal. Casual and easy-going decor with fresh flowers strategically placed throughout will elevate your wedding ambiance.

Natural Garden Wedding Themes

Utilize the beauty of nature all around you by basing your interior design on the scenery. Without tablecloths, the raw wood and vases filled with lush eucalyptus harmoniously merge with the surroundings, almost appearing to grow there.

Natural Garden Wedding Decoration Setup

Blush and Gray

Create the perfect vision of femininity, softness, and lovely romance. These tones create an atmosphere that something really special is going to take place here from the minute your guests enter the garden until you walk down the aisle.

By covering tables with patterned linens, you may give your outdoor cocktail hour more visual dimension. Flower designs have a sweetly rural feel, nautical tones are distinctly coastal.

Use the Pool!

If you have an in-house swimming pool in your home, then make sure to make good use of it! Turn your pool into the main attraction during your wedding. A temporary pathway might act as the aisle during the wedding. It can then serve as the entryway to your reception thereafter. You could also go all out and build a dance floor over the pool.

Go Green

If you are not using enough of the lush greenery as your garden wedding reception decorations, you are truly missing out. There’s nothing more enchanting, bright and beautiful in a garden theme wedding than fresh flowers, foliage and greenery.

Potted flowerless plants are beautiful centrepieces. Gather a few plants, young fruit trees, and herbs from your neighbourhood garden centre to create a stunning arrangement that will smell as wonderful as it looks.

Tents are the ideal structure for extravagant decoration. To add extra softness and intimacy, take advantage by constructing a fanciful canopy out of draped textiles and rich, intertwined flora. To let the excellent ceiling design shine, keep the remainder of the colour scheme simple.

A wedding ceremony is surrounded by greenery

Make Small Statements

Bring the garden to the table by accentuating the dining experience with small statement pieces such as dried aromatic leaves and rosemary. These are one of the most elegant garden wedding ideas – make the culinary experience stand out.

Wedding Glamping

These are some of the best wedding decoration ideas for outside weddings. For your first night as newlyweds or as a place to get ready with your wedding party, have a magnificent glamping tent set up instead of a hotel room or your childhood bedroom. Add plush upholstery, cosy couches, and perhaps a chandelier to the arrangement to make it ultra-chic.

Be Yourself

Garden wedding reception ideas give you a lot of space to experiment and be yourself. For instance, did you know of the many joys of hosting your wedding at home? You know exactly where to find all your favorite things, from local cuisine to unique wedding decor. So, go all out and let your garden wedding be exactly who you are!

Rustic timber door as a background for wedding ceremony

Live Music

Nothing is more entrancing than live music drifting through a landscape. You may splurge a little and hire a live band for the music to your celebration of love. Bring the night to life with your favourite band performing at your intimate garden wedding.

Getaway Memorably

Your exit from the wedding is as important as your entrance. It needs to leave a mark, turn heads, and leave your guests gasping in awe. From horse-drawn carriages to a rustic golf cart, take your leave with grace and sophistication. Garden weddings give you multitude of options to make this a truly memorable moment.

Dried leaves and rosemary are used for garden wedding ceremony decoration

Banquet Tables Under the Stars

Celebrate your loved ones in a seated dinner reception by bringing everyone together in a family-style setting. The warm, communal atmosphere that is frequently lost with other seating arrangements is created by long banquet tables or the somewhat more diminutive king’s tables.

Sporty and Fun

When there are lawn games to be played, cocktail hour becomes much more delightful. Stamp your initials on the croquet balls or have the corn hole sets engraved with your wedding date to give them a more upscale appearance.

The bride and groom are throwing confetti to the camera

Sweeten it up

Without a baked pie for dessert, a backyard wedding isn’t complete. While we’re about it, let’s not forget about handmade cookies and cupcakes. To give your dessert menu a homemade feel that will make your guests smile, including these delectable selections. Make sure to arrange it aesthetically and present it for easy picking throughout the wedding. A good display of baked goods is sure to bring a smile on the faces of your guests.

Something Out of a Fairytale

Gardens offer a mystical and magical location for weddings which explains the array of choices in terms of decor. All barely covering the cost of weddings hosted in gigantic mansions and exotic locations. They are intimate, enchanting and romantic.

But before you dismiss a garden wedding as an extremely informal event that only accepts a rustic mood, keep in mind that there are countless backyard wedding ideas to make it into the wedding of your dreams. It’s the months of Spring and Summer, when the world shows off a variety of colours that make even the white look dull in comparison. And the best part is that a garden wedding is a blank canvas for you to paint it however you want. So why not paint it with the wonderful colours of the season?

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