Inner West Sydney Wedding

Estelle was one of those ladies that simply emanates class. And Jonathan equally gave off the aura of style in his tailored attire. This happy couple were fortunate enough to enjoy the excellent weather throughout their big day, with an exciting journey by boat and an elegant ceremony surrounded by beautiful trees, floral arrangements and in the presence of their loves ones.

We couldn’t help but notice how delighted Estelle was to be marrying the man of her dreams, and Jonathan couldn’t hide his happiness whenever we saw him look over at his bride to be. The ceremony was incredibly enjoyable and we were able to capture every moment of the laughter, joy and celebrations.

You might notice that the cake isn’t in the typically traditional style – and that’s because the couple opted for a design that would be as eye-catching as it was delicious. This was by far one of the happiest events that we’ve been honoured to be a part of and we’re sure that Estelle and Jonathan will look back at it with fond memories for the rest of their lives together.

Everything was truly captivating; from the wedding dress, to the ceremonial arrangements and the exchanging of vows. We wish the married couple all the best with their future endeavours!


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