Peppers Manor House Wedding

Peppers Manor House

Every so often we have the great pleasure of coming across a couple that perfectly bounce off of one another. Julie and Michael are just a fantastic match and the passion that they have for one another truly shone through throughout their big day. With traditional values, this Greek-Cypriot pair opted for an authentic wedding, surrounded by their loved ones and had a ceremony with an Orthodox priest within a truly beautiful church.

You’ll undoubtedly notice that Michael and all of his Groomsmen wore matching outfits and for good reason – this is a very big part of his culture and heritage. Julie followed the same route in relation to her bridesmaids, although where she wore a stunning white dress, they wore matching soft-pink outfits.

The day itself was gifted with lovely weather and Julie could be seen smiling passionately throughout the entire event. We’re sure that we spotted Michael rubbing his eyes in disbelief more than once at just how elegant his bride to be looked and once they were married, you could almost feel the passion and joy coming off of every single person there to help with the celebrations.

Every so often we get to enjoy seeing how effortlessly tradition can complement modern services and this wedding was certainly one of those times. We wish the happy couple all the best with their lives together.

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