Katie & Darren

Some weddings are so iconic that they can go on for a full day and still leave space for more enjoyment. Katie and Darren’s wedding just so happened to be one of them and from the morning until the evening, we were able to take part in one of the most thoroughly exciting events that we’ve had the privilege of being involved with.

Katie’s preparations were done at home, which allowed her to feel comfortable as she prepared to spend the rest of her life with her partner. Darren truly had no idea how beautiful his wife to be looked until he saw her – and his jaw dropped. The venue was outdoors and the entire theme had been designed to reflect a vintage style, which made for great photo opportunities.

As you might imagine, the ceremony was emotional, with members on both sides of the family shedding a tear or two at seeing their loved ones come together for the rest of their lives. From our perspective, it’s always a pleasure to be a part of small ceremonies like these ones, simply because they are so close and comfortable. We’re sure that the fun had on the day will be remembered by the happy couple forever and we were just glad to have been present to witness the love that they share for one another.

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