Oatlands House Wedding

What can we say about Kiera and Jacob, other than they are simply perfect for one another? This happy, vibrant couple were surrounded by loved ones from the offset – and we could instantly tell that this day would be a special one indeed. We were present from the very start, witnessing their preparation and excitement.

The ceremony itself was beautiful and took place in the garden of Oatlands House, providing the ideal lighting to take photos that would be cherished for a lifetime. With each and every aspect of the day carefully prepared and decorated to perfection, we found ourselves spoilt for choice when it came to choosing the best angle, or the most unique location to shoot from.

As far as weddings go, this was definitely one of the most elegant that we’ve been to. With captivating greens from leaves and the grass framing the elegant whites and muted tones, it was a photographer’s dream – and one that we’ll surely remember.

Kiera and Jacob deserve more than a lifetime of happiness and it was a true joy to see the couple gazing at one another with such love and passion that their emotions were genuinely undeniable.

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