Milestone Events Mosman Wedding

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Laura’s Geisha-inspired pre-wedding gowns, be sure to scroll down to the photos as they are still somewhat of a hot topic amongst our team here at Fame Park. Laura and Mitch are a lovely pair of people and truly deserve one another. We were enlisted to take care of their wedding day photography from the morning and fortunately for us, the atmosphere was highly enthusiastic and enjoyable.

The preparation phase was full of laughter and good times and we noticed that things only got more and more pleasant as the day went on and guests began to show up. We were able to catch a range of candid and dedicated shots as a result – and we’re sure the bride and groom will look back at them with fond memories whenever they want to be reminded of how much fun was shared.

The wedding itself was lovely, with an immaculate floor plan for guests, a quaint venue for the ceremony and friends and family members congratulating the happy couple at every opportunity. Thanks to the lovely local surroundings, we were able to take full advantage of the lighting, backgrounds and scenery to capture the guests enjoying themselves, making jokes and sharing the love. We wish the couple many happy returns for their future.


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