Laura & Pat

It’s not often that we come across a couple that show as much love and affection toward one another as Laura and Pat did. When we do, we truly cherish the moments because they demonstrate what true love really looks like. Laura and Pat’s wedding was unique not just because of the outdoor ceremony, but because it also involved so many individualised photo opportunities for our team.

The weather held up nicely, which we were all grateful for. Not only did that allow us the ideal lighting for photos; it also presented a multitude of exciting candid and organised shots. From full photos of the entire wedding party, through to more sentimental ones with the bride and groom, their immediate relatives and their closest friends; this event really had it all.

Laura looked absolutely stunning in her dress and Pat was as dashing as we could have imagined. Together, the pair made a fun, sensitive coupling that will undoubtedly spend the rest of their lives cherishing one another. On the day itself, Laura didn’t give off an ounce of concern and not only did they both enjoy their day; they also made it a fantastic one for all of their guests and our team, too.

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