Camelot Castle Camden Wedding

We’ve never seen deep, ocean green/ blue go so well with other colours like we did during the wedding of Michelle and Blake. As soon as we saw the scheme, we knew there was a creative genius behind the choices. And the day only became more and more impressive from our arrival, with Michelle smiling from ear to ear and emanating confidence, while her partner Blake looked every inch the dashing gentleman overjoyed at his choice of life-partner.

It’s always great when the weather stays pleasant and although the threat of rain seemed to be looming on the horizon, it definitely didn’t put a downer on anyone’s spirits. In fact, the overcast atmosphere allowed us to take even more iconic photos than we’d usually be able to. Inside, the beautiful architecture acted to frame the happy couple and outside, things became even more spectacular.

The perfectly manicured hedges and greenery seemed built to compliment the happy couple and their guests, and we found countless opportunities to use the natural shade to arrange shots in a way that allowed our team to showcase what we do best. All in all, this wedding is one that we’ll remember and we are so happy to have been a part of it.

Michelle and Blake demonstrated to us how to put the ‘happy’ in happy couple and we’re sure that they will have many laughs, joyous events and exciting opportunities ahead of them.

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