Miriam & Jonathan

There was something so homely about the wedding of Miriam and Jonathan and we’d even go as far as to say that it was one of the most comfortable that we’ve had the pleasure of attending. Whether it was the carefully picked out location, or the presence of their German Shepherd that really added to the wholesome feel, we aren’t entirely sure – but what we can say is that it was as passionate as it was enjoyable.

Miriam’s dress complemented her figure flawlessly and the style that she chose was captivatingly elegant. Jonathan was every inch the gentleman, with his boutonniéres matching her bouquet in such an appealing way. Some of our favourite shots included Jonathan sitting with his dog, where we were able to establish a sophisticated aesthetic to the photos, as well as the entrance photo where Miriam walked into the venue.

The event went right on into the evening which was great, because we were able to see the joy and cheer shared between all guests. It also allowed us to take contrasting photos where instead of the beautiful blue skies from earlier, we were in a position to frame guests with their sparklers that flickered small streams of fire into the night. It was truly a great experience for us and we’re so glad that the couple enjoyed themselves as much as they did.

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