City Beach Function Centre Wollongong Wedding

When we were told to prepare for a little water we expected rain, but fortunately for us the bride and groom had already fully prepared should a little drizzle fall from the sky. Nicola and Paul opted for what we’d call a scenic-wedding, complete with stunning views across the open water, an iconic lighthouse in the background and a multitude of sandy beach views.

The pre-wedding phase went flawlessly and Nicola looked as excited as she was jubilant. With the support of his groomsmen on the day, Paul emanated confidence, but we wouldn’t blame him for feeling a little nervous if he did! The venue chosen to host the after-party was very luxurious, with a vast array of modifications having being made to add to the style and theme of the wedding.

Due to its large size, we were able to get all over the place and capture a wide variety of photos, including the couple’s first dance, the guests and a selection of other notable features. Nicola and Paul looked so great together and if we had to take one thing away from this wedding, it’s that we’d hope they stay as happy well into the future, where we are sure they have plenty of excitement ahead of them.

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