Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas That’ll Make You Relieve The Day For Years

Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas That’ll Make You Relive The Day For Years

Pictures speak a thousand words – no truer words have been spoken when it comes to recalling the most special day of your life. When you feel like going back in time to relive the magical moment when you said, ‘I do,’ you will thank your wedding photographer for capturing it. These photos need to be perfect.

While hiring a good wedding photographer is a thumb rule, knowing and communicating to your photographer on how you want your special moments clicked, is a sure shot way of making sure they are perfect. So, here’s your curated list of ideas for outdoor wedding photos so you can plan how to capture every small moment. Live vicariously through every photo for years!

The bride and groom are walking side by side in a farm

Top Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas This Season

Whether you choose to have your wedding inside or outside, there is something wonderful about being able to save those special moments in pictures so you can look back on them in the future and recall how it felt to be there, gazing into your partner’s eyes. Outdoor wedding photography is particularly challenging.

A lot of variables are at play with outdoor wedding photography such as weather conditions, location, props, guests, and more. We’re going to share our advice with you today on how to create stunning photographs even under these challenging circumstances—or simply on any bright day!

Outdoor Wedding Picture Ideas

There are no guests more important, who will be sharing the moment you become one with your partner, than your wedding party. Make the time on your wedding day to take more than enough shots of the couple with their respective parties. It’s your wedding day and there is no one more beautiful than you – don’t forget to get clicked!

The Wedding Party

These are people who are more than just family – they are here to make your dream wedding come true. They will be by your side as you laugh, cry, and celebrate through the most special day of your wedding, so don’t forget to get clicked with them. Here are a few ideas to explore:

Classic shot

With the bridesmaids carrying flowers on the left and the groomsmen on the right, position yourselves in the midst of your wedding party. Make it fun by breaking into funny poses or laughter!

A classic shot for the wedding party

A fun shot for the wedding party

Magazine Worthy Shot

Bring the boss energy in your wedding with at least one-magazine worthy shot. Have your wedding party pose by your side in a formal setting, either sitting, standing, or at different heights.

A full bridal party photo in front of the Curzon Hall

Candid Shot

Have your wedding party take a photo together while appearing natural and carefree, like a bunch of friends idly enjoying the afternoon! It’s like there isn’t a wedding, just very well-dressed friends hanging out.

The bride and groom are enjoying some lawn game with their guests

The Bridal Party

The most awaited guests at any wedding, the bridal party is why everything is perfect. Get yourself clicked and a few with the girls – a throwback for the years. Here are a few outdoor wedding photos ideas for the bride and her party:

Veil Shot

You might only be wearing your veil for a portion of the day, so make sure to snap pictures of it both with and without it. Make sure to get a shot of your bridesmaid helping you wearing your veil, candidly.

The bride is holding her veil beside the window

Train Shot

A flowing decadent train needs its own fanbase so make sure to capture it at its full glory. Have your bridal party draw it out and take fun pictures of the setting-up moment, before the final shot.

A beautiful photo of the bride’s train

Dress Shot

Make sure to capture every element of that dress that made you decide it is ‘the one.’ Your wedding dress is special for more reasons than one, and you want to make sure that you remember every detail. Let the photos do you justice.

A full body wedding dress shot for our beautiful bride

Bouquet Shot

And don’t forget to get those bouquet shots, before you walk down the aisle. Fresh as the morning dew, get those pictures clicked as soon as their arrive.

The beautiful bride is holding her colourful bouquet

The Grooms’ Party

There is no doubt that the groomsmen will be focused on looking particularly spiffy as the bridal party spends the morning getting ready. So be sure to document your time with mates before the ceremony starts.

Just Chillin’ Shot

The majority of the groom’s party will “simply chill” and enjoy each other’s company most of the morning. These moments are just as precious as the formal events, and they provide the ideal chance to capture candid moments.

All the groomsmen are having a chill-out before the wedding.

Cufflink Shot

Photos of cufflinks are also essential for the album. Take some close-up pictures of the groom putting on his cufflinks.

The groom is putting on his cufflink with the help of his groomsmen

Suit Shot

Don’t forget to get dapper shots clicked of you against breathtaking backdrops such as a leafy foliage in a beautiful garden, or turquoise waters against golden beaches. Get some clicked with your dapper groomsmen too. Be yourself to capture every one of those fun moments.

The groom’s portrait shots with his suit

Best Time For Outside Wedding Photography

Creative outdoor wedding photography ideas don’t just fall from the tree. These are the results of various factors such as the weather, seasons, lighting and more, coming together to make sure your pictures are perfect. Here are a few tips to decide when to get your outdoor wedding photos clicked:


It is crucial to make plans taking the season of your wedding into consideration. It could be a good idea to schedule your outdoor wedding shot in the morning or afternoon during the Winters because the sun sets a bit earlier and Sydney is in the East.

However, if you want a dramatic and ethereal look, you can also schedule a late afternoon or early evening shoot. A major benefit of having a winter wedding is that the sun won’t rise too high, giving your images a gorgeous golden colour – warm, soft lighting that creates a romantic appeal.

The bride and groom are sitting on a car and looking at each other.

You must carefully consider scheduling your wedding photography throughout the warmer spring and summer months. For example, afternoons are not recommended since you risk seeming to be squinting in an effort to escape the sun.

The ideal times are early mornings and late evenings because you will be instructed to stare into the sun. As we all know – the finest pictures are taken when the camera is pointed away from the sun.

Let’s not forget about the best moment to take pictures – the golden hour. Let the warm golden hue of the setting sun dazzle your pictures. For an amber romanticism look, photograph your intimate moments during the golden hour.

The bride is holding her new husband during the golden hour for photoshoot


There is a whole range of locations for outdoor wedding photography. An endless opportunity to explore a variety of backdrops to record your most special moments.

Whether you are looking for a backdrop of the sea against golden sandy beaches, or want to be surrounded by lush greenery, or on a hilltop overlooking a gorgeous view, there is something for everyone.

The groom is kissing the bride’s forehead while they’re surrounded by greenery

Consider taking a stroll through fields and capture moments that sparkle in an ethereal and whimsical way. You can also try dirt roads – these are great garden wedding photos ideas.

Desert backgrounds are also quite fashionable, with anything from gorgeous cactus to a pink ruffled ballgown. Never has a desert seemed better. For the adventurous ones, try clifftops with 1,000 feet drops and feel like you are on the top of the world.


Most experienced photographers with plenty of experience will know how to use everything around them for the ideal image. When you want to capture something unforgettable, there are occasionally certain natural items that appear wonderful.

For instance, the golden hour offers the perfect time to capture the bride and groom taking a photo in front of a large tree trunk – a highly cost-effective solution for outdoor wedding photography.

The couple is walking in front of a large tree during the sunset hours.

Take a little break before your wedding reception, towards the later end of the evening so you may take some nighttime shots. Just make sure there is still a tiny bit of light outside so that the photographer can put up a flash to produce a truly stunning look. Add sparklers for an added touch of glitz.

You may also pick a location where you are certain of the precise times that trains go through the region. A wonderful and original outdoor wedding photography concept would be to capture the couple in their wedding attire, preferably in a rural setting, with the groom gently bending the bride for a kiss or striking a sort of swirling dance posture.

The bride and groom is holding hands and running on a beach

Trending Outdoor Wedding Picture Ideas

It’s time to create new memories with the people you care about most. They are the ones who know you the best, have been by your side, and have experienced life’s highs and lows. Get a variety of pictures, from natural poses to celebrity shots.

Wedding Events

Each of the wedding events should be recorded in detail. You won’t have the time to live every small moment, but you don’t want to miss out on any, during your wedding day. So here are some good photography ideas for posterity!


This goes without saying – you have to get enough pictures clicked of the ceremony. From the venue, decor, food to the main party, get your photographer to capture every element of your special day. Here are some professional outdoor wedding photography ideas for your ceremony:

Before The Ceremony

Capture the beauty of the wedding site by getting location and venue pictures clicked before your guests arrive. If your wedding is in a garden, or surrounded by the gorgeous sea, make sure to get these spectacular views as the backdrop for your wedding venue. Take up-close pictures of the aisle way, the arbour, the flower arrangements, and any custom styling details.

The beautiful bride is sitting in the car and waiting for her ceremony started

Arrival of The Wedding Party

Take pictures of the groom and his groomsmen greeting guests and waiting for the bridal party to arrive. Since the bride would have missed them, it is very crucial to record these moments. Reliving these experiences together after the wedding day will be a delight.

Take pictures of each bridesmaid as she walks down the aisle. Then comes the bride – perspective is crucial in this situation. Get plenty of close-up pictures taken as well as the ones that show the people watching the bride walk down the aisle.

The beautiful bride is walking down the aisle with her parents

Putting A Ring on It

Once the ceremony begins, make sure that your photographer is capturing every moment of it. The shot that will melt your heart is the first look shot. It is wonderful to reflect on together after the wedding.

Establish a spot to stand or install a marker for the vow exchange so that you are centred in front of your arbour throughout the rehearsal. Make sure the photographer gets a close-up of both of your hands as you stand in front of the arbour exchanging rings to capture the special moment.

A wedding ring shot during the ceremony

Get pictures taken of the “formal portion of the ceremony” over at the signing table, flanked by your loved ones gathered to celebrate this special moment. Follow it up with shots of the first moments of the couple – hold hands, lose yourselves for a moment, or strike a pose.

Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour is where everyone is letting their hair down. Capture the spirit of the night to look back to over the years. It is the time for some spontaneous photos of joy!

Get clicked mingling and celebrating with your family and friends – it’ll be a favourite for years to come. Make sure to capture every bit of the ambiance of this delightful night by capturing the musicians, the venue, the location and even the food.

A candid photo of guests having canapés

Wedding Reception

The final touch to a dreamy wedding – the reception is the where the magic really happens. And how could you not have it captured? Here are some great ideas for your wedding photographer to explore when recording your wedding reception:

Reception Decor

Get a variety of pictures of the dressed tables, centrepieces, flower arrangements, and table settings taken, to capture the beauty of all the intricacies of your reception’s décor. Make sure to get pictures of your entrees, main courses, and desserts so you may savour the meal afterwards.

Years later, there will come a day when you would wish to see that delicious cake at your wedding. For the future, make sure to get a picture of the cake before it is sliced.

Whatever you decide to do to please your visitors that evening, make sure to record the occasion and everyone’s reactions. Catch your guests at their freest spirit!

The wedding reception venue decoration inside The Grounds of Alexandria

Special Moments

Record the moment when you walk into a room full of your loved ones cheering and celebrating your union with your significant other – it is a very special moment. There are so many moments like these that you will want to remember forever such as the moment when you cut your cake, or your first dance.

The bride and groom are having their first dance with fireworks and dry ice

How to make your photos stand out?

Nowadays, a lot of engaged couples want to take their wedding photos outside. It’s incredibly popular, and couples frequently spend a lot of time considering some truly odd and creative outdoor wedding photography ideas to help produce a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable wedding book.

Photographers and agencies are competing with one another to come up with innovative and unusual outdoor session concepts for couples like you. Wedding photo sessions are sometimes held in locations that were formerly popular for picnics, hikes, walks, or other excursions.

Irrespective of where you decide to get your photos clicked, there are a few ways to ensure that your photos are going to look good. A professional photographer would be aware of these practices, but in case you are not getting professional wedding photography or just want to know more, here are a few ways to make sure photos look good.

Overcast skies

Unexpectedly, you don’t need to be concerned if it’s overcast on your special day. The intriguing illumination provided by overcast sky makes for stunning photos. Even better are rainy days because they will provide deep, high-contrast illumination to your wedding photos.

The couple is holding each other with a Sydney city background

Plan well

Wedding days can be hectic, irrespective of how well it has been planned. A slight change in timing can disrupt the whole day’s events. Many couples opt to get a portion of their wedding photograph done before the wedding day, such as the wedding party shoot. This helps you to allot more time to capturing beautiful moments. And make sure that your wedding day schedule fits photography sessions.

The bridal party are throwing confetti toward the new-weds

Trust your photographer

They could ask you to pose in odd postures, use flash during the day, or do any number of other things that strike you as odd. However, you must finally put your faith in your photographer.

Especially if it’s a professional, trust us when we tell you that they know what they are doing. Everyone loves a little vision, so share with them what you desire and let them create the magic. However, even if it’s not a professional, the person behind the lenses may have a better judgement about the outcome of the image.



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