L’Aqua Darling Harbour Wedding

When two unique cultures come together, it can be a truly magnificent thing to watch and that was certainly the case with Phat and Dylan. Dylan and his best men all shared one thing in common – and that’s that they were true gentlemen. We could tell that Dylan himself was quite a charming character from the offset and he allowed us to establish the most prominent scenes to photograph, and then sat back and relaxed while we did what we do best.

Barely able to contain his excitement at marrying the love of his life, we couldn’t wait to see the rest of the day unfold. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful and when it came time to watching Phat prepare for the day ahead, we loved her traditional methods and practices. With her family members and maids of honour at her side, she truly looked ready to take this exciting step in her life.

The outdoor ceremony was wonderful. With friends and family from both parties arriving and wishing the happy couple well, we wanted to capture as much emotion as possible. Although the day may have ended, we hope that the love and care that the now-married couple share will go on for the rest of their lives, and we wish them all the best.

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