Dockside Darling Harbour Wedding

When we heard that Jeremy planned on turning up to his wedding on a motorcycle, we already knew that this event would be one to remember, and with a stunning bride like Stephanie to marry, we were surprised he didn’t get to the venue a week in advance. Honestly, the bride to be looked radiant in her dress and headwear, and it was a pleasure taking candid photos as well as ones where she posed for the camera.

Jeremy might have seemed a little nervous, but we’re sure it was simply the excitement of marrying the woman of his dreams. Together, they made one of the most stunning couples we’ve seen and it was lovely to see both of them enjoying themselves throughout the entirety of the day. We’d like to think that they managed to perfectly merge traditional values with modern practices and you’ll likely notice the setting of many shots – with the iconic Sydney backdrop in the distance.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful church, filled with friends and family members with their gazes directed at the couple. As they shared their vows, you could feel the passion in the air and we are genuinely over the moon to have been considered a part of such a joyous occasion.

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