Docklands Melbourne Wedding

Asian weddings are often some of the most vibrantly stylish imaginable and when Veronika and Dennis were married, they really held nothing back. From the stunning veils placed over row after row of saplings, right through to the cascading hills and ocean views that acted as a backdrop to our photography; we were really spoilt for choice.

Veronika looked dazzling in her dress and the smile on her face spoke volumes about how much she had been looking forward to her big day. Dennis was just as elated to be marrying the love of his life, and his smart suit was as well-fitted as it was luxurious. One of the most memorable things about this wedding, in particular, was how much fun was had by all.

Every so often, weddings can be arduous affairs but that wasn’t the case here, as from the moment that we saw the happy couple, we were welcomed, given creative license and provided with ample opportunities to capture the memories in so many unique ways. We genuinely enjoy events like these because they allow us to do what we do best, and that creates memories for families to last an entire lifetime.



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