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If you’re searching for the best place to celebrate your wedding in Sydney NSW, you may want to consider taking a closer look at some of the locations in the Blue Mountains district. Home to several great wedding venues, stunning scenery and more; it’s not hard to see why so many couples around the globe choose to visit this part of Australia for their wedding. Its an easy choice why people select our award winning wedding photographer Blue Mountains service to capture their love story. The results in photography are just stunning!

Wedding Photo of Groom and Groomsmen Blue MountainsFortunately for couples planning a wedding with the seclusions Blue Mountains have to offer, the landscape brings a beautiful ambiance to the captured portraits. The photography captured often leaves our clients breathless. Our team of world-class photographers here at Fame Park offer services across the region; from Bathurst, to Mudgee. For the best wedding photos around, couples come to us for the chance to hire a wedding photographer. We’re certain that you’ll love our photography services.

Best Wedding Locations in The Blue Mountains

For those who want to have their wedding in the Blue Mountains, it’s worthwhile to check the beauty, landscape and surrounds of some of the different areas. For long lasting memories we capture everything in our images.

Groom with 5 goomsmen having a beer Blue Mountains

There are many suburbs in this region that would make the perfect setting for your special day. Travel fees are included in our various packages along with customer service of the highest degree. With so many beautiful options, is it any wonder that coupes who love to travel come to the Blue Mountains for their weddings.

Another benefit of this location is that our award-winning wedding photographers here at Fame Park can offer you their expertise for your special day. Our work is like fine art, we take each wedding seriously.

How to Find The Right Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

One way that couples find out about the different options to capture their wedding day bliss is to use the internet. With a simple online search (something along the lines of “wedding photography Blue Mountains” or “Blue Mountains wedding photographer”), you’ll have a range of agencies to look through.

Brides party smiling at pretty brides dress Blue Mountains

Generally, one of the best ways to find the ideal photographers is to look at what the photographer has to offer, as well as their rates. Have they a good name on the internet? How are their reviews? Are there gestures of thanks available for you to read from previous clients? While there are many more things to consider when choosing someone to handle your wedding photography needs, price and skill are often the first two things to look for in a Blue Mountains photographer.

A few other things to contemplate are the photography services offered. For example, can they provide professional portrait photos? What location is the photographer based and what are his or her travel rates? It may be worth finding out how creative they are, do they add some fun amongst their work and how long have they been in business? To find the best Blue Mountains wedding photography agency, it is a wise idea to carefully consider and compare your options to find the ideal photographer for your needs.

Fame Park has been hired to use photography to record countless weddings across Sydney, NSW. We come on site to capture the moments and fun of your day. If you’re looking for wedding photos throughout Sydney, that you can love and cherish for a lifetime, please consider taking a closer look at our work. We are a photographer based agency specialising in location weddings. Our photography results are stunning.

Why Choose Fame Park?

With a number of different options for Blue Mountains wedding photographer in Sydney NSW, you may wonder why hiring our photography experts is a good idea. Our work is our pleasure. We look out for each other, noticing little details to improve our photography skill set, enabling us to capture your special moments at a very high level.

Our quality photography services are very popular for weddings across Sydney, especially if you are wanting a Blue Mountains wedding.  The Blue Mountains look like an artist has been at work. It is so rich and diverse in beauty. This is one reason why this destination wedding address is so popular. Your photographer will capture the love as you look at each other.

Here at Fame Park, we’re also well known for being experienced, highly skilled and creative, almost like an artist doing his painting! This allows us to tell the story of your wedding day through our photography.

Spectacular photo of Bride and Groom cutting their cake Blue Mountains

Affordable wedding photography is another advantage that we offer, allowing clients to obtain quality photos they can love for a lifetime without having to break their budget in the process. This makes our photography agency affordable to those planning weddings across Sydney. We also have an engagement shoot available, working with a local photographer.

With all this and more, is it any wonder that Fame Park is so popular? If you’d like to find out more about what our photography for your wedding in the Blue Mountains, be sure to get in touch with a wedding photographer from our office today. We can’t wait to help you!

Wedding Photographer Services in The Blue Mountains Area

Blue Mountains Wedding Photos

Wedding party having fun dancing Blue Mountains
Bride in red dress dancing with groom Blue Mountains
Photo of Bride and Groom kissing Blue Mountains

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