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Canterbury Bankstown is home to several great wedding venues – and if you take a look at a few of the different ones in suburbs like Bankstown and Roselands, we’re sure that you’ll find the ideal setting for your special day in this part of Sydney.

Bride And Groom Holding HandsAnother reason why you may want to consider having your wedding celebration in Canterbury Bankstown is because of the exceptional wedding videographer Canterbury Bankstown services are available here.

Our team of professional wedding video artists here at Fame Park are well known for offering world-class services across Sydney, so if you’re in need of the assistance that a professional videography agency can offer in Canterbury Bankstown, you may want to find out more about what we have to offer.

Canterbury Bankstown Wedding Venues

When planning a wedding celebration, one of the first things that you should decide on is where you plan to get married in this part of New South Wales. In most cases, the location you choose will greatly affect a number of other aspects of your big day, which is why taking the time to pick the perfect setting for your wedding day is often crucial.

There are a number of great venues located within Canterbury Bankstown that could be ideal for you – a few of which are:

    • Sydney Observatory – found in Millers Point, this location is known for being of Sydney’s most unique wedding venues, with both reception and ceremony options
    • Clarence House Venues – for a stylish and elegant wedding, you may want to consider choosing Clarence House venues in Belmore for your special day
    • Horizons Beach Venue by Top Cat Catering – located in Marouba South, this luxurious beach-side venue offers friendly yet professional services, panoramic ocean views, exceptional dining and more
    • The Bellevue Venue – known for being one of the most reputable wedding venues in the whole of Sydney, The Bellevue in Bankstown is certainly worth taking a look at
    • Waterview in Bicentennial Park – perfect for romantic ceremonies and wedding celebrations of all sizes. Many consider this venue to be one of the best in the suburb of Rhodes

With a number of great wedding photography and videography opportunities in and around this area, it’s not hard to see why Canterbury Bankstown could be the ideal wedding destination for your special day.

How to Find The Right Wedding Videography in Canterbury Bankstown

From the style of wedding video, to the costs of different packages and services; there are often a number of things that you’ll need to take into consideration when trying to find the ideal videographers to capture the events of your big day. A few tips to keep in mind whilst searching include:

Quality Wedding Videos

Typically, if you want the best wedding videos of your special day, it’s a wise idea to hire a team of videographers who are highly skilled and experienced in the industry. However, there are often other factors that can make a difference to how well a cinematographer films your wedding.

From the equipment and accessories they use, to how passionate they are about their work; there are generally a number of things that go into making meaningful wedding videos.

Videography PackagesBride And Groom Smile Each Other Near The Water Canterbury Bankstown

Finding a team who can provide you with quality wedding films is often crucial – but if they don’t offer any packages that suit your needs, they may not be the perfect videographers for you. Because of this, it’s often important to take a look at what an agency has to offer and see if they can provide you with the ideal videography.

With pre wedding filming and drone coverage as optional extras, it’s no secret that there are a number of different kinds of videos available (as well as ways of filming), so be sure to do your research to find the ideal team.
Consider The Costs

Once you know what kinds of services you’re looking for and have found an agency that has what you’re after, the next step is to see if the prices suit your budget. This can often be one of the most difficult aspects of choosing a team of wedding cinematography experts, since it’s not always an easy task to find an agency that provides quality videos for low costs.

Getting a free, no-obligation quote from different videographers and comparing them is often a good way to see which artists offer the ideal services for the right price. There are a number of affordable options for video production companies in this part of New South Wales – one of which is Fame Park.

Testimonials and Portfolio

To get a better idea of what an agency could offer you, it’s often worthwhile to take a look through portfolios (if they have any). Often, with visual examples to peruse, you’ll have a well-rounded grasp of what they have to offer your big day. Reading client reviews can also be a good idea too, as it can show you what couples have thought about a videographer’s services.

Hiring Photographers For Your Wedding

Typically, you won’t find wedding cinematographers that also offers photography. Because of this, to get both wedding films and photos, you may have to hire photographers separately.

While this isn’t always the case (for example, our agency offers both services), some may find that they need to hire a photographer and videographer from different agencies.

Different Styles of Canterbury Bankstown Wedding Videos

Another thing that you may want to think about when choosing a wedding videographer is their style. Almost all experts will have their own creative approach to filming and editing wedding films – and in general, they tend to fit into one of these 5 styles:

  • Cinematic wedding videos – If you want your wedding video to be a masterpiece, you may want to consider choosing a team that offers cinematic style wedding videography.
  • A highlight wedding film– Also known as short form, these are often short videos with the best bits of the event put together.
  • A photojournalistic wedding video – In general, the photojournalistic style provides a more documentary-like wedding film.
  • Storytelling wedding films – More often than not, storytelling style uses footage of the wedding and voiceovers to tell a love story, instead of filming the events as they happen.
  • A traditional wedding video – With a traditional wedding video, you’re likely to get what you’d expect; film that focuses mainly on the reception and ceremony, with less footage of things that are behind the scenes (such as preparation).
  • Raw footage – Typically, an agency will provide you with the raw footage of your wedding day along with the edited film (and often with a highlight video, too). While this is not a particular style, you may want to ensure that you get the raw wedding video footage as well.

Finding a Wedding Videographer in Canterbury Bankstown

Bride Holds Groom Shoulder While Smiling Canterbury BankstownIn most cases, quality, cost and services are just as crucial to finding the right wedding videographer as it is for looking for a cinematographer in Canterbury Bankstown. Quite often, you will find that studios who cover large geography’s will have more experience on many different locations. Many of our valued clients have found us by searching for “wedding videographer Sydney” on their favourite search engines.

Finding a wedding photography agency is no different than looking for a videographer. While this does mean that you may have to go through the same process again to find the perfect wedding photographer, the fact that you’ve done almost the same thing before may help you out during your search.

If you want to avoid the hassle of finding the ideal Sydney wedding photography agency, we’re here to help – as we have both professional wedding photographers and videographers on our team.

Why Choose Fame Park For a Wedding in Canterbury Bankstown?

If you’re in need of a professional team of wedding photographers and cinematographers, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experienced, passionate and creative specialists are well known across Sydney for providing some of the best videography and photography services available – which is just one of the reasons why we may be the ideal team for your special day.

For one, we have both videographers and photographers here at Fame Park, giving our clients a chance to get quality wedding video services alongside photography, without the unnecessary hassle of hiring two different teams for their big day in Canterbury Bankstown.

Another reason why so many couples choose us is because our photographers and videographers use the latest equipment and accessories. This generally allows us to provide quality wedding photography and videography services, with the help of years of experience and skill.

What Could Our Videographers Do For You?

If knowing that our agency has one of the most popular wedding photography and cinematography teams in this part of New South Wales isn’t enough, be sure to take a look at our portfolio to see what we could do for you. To learn what clients have thought of our expert photographers and videographers, you could take a look at the reviews and testimonials on our website, too.

If you think that our photographers and videographers could help you (whether you’re looking for pre wedding footage, or beautiful shots of the scenery in Canterbury Bankstown), be sure to get in touch with our team right here at Fame Park and get a quote for your special day, today.

Canterbury Bankstown Wedding Videos


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