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Looking for high quality wedding videography services in Sydney? You’ll be glad to hear that our team of experts here at Fame Park offer world-class photography around (and just outside of) the city. From Hunter Valley to Wollongong, we’re here to help.

Well known for our ability to capture those all-important moments of a wedding; most couples find that there’s no better team to hire than ours when it comes to the best wedding videography Sydney has to offer. For friendly yet professional experts, be sure to contact Fame Park.

How To Find Your Dream Sydney Wedding Location

With so many different parts of Sydney Australia to choose from when looking for the ideal location for a wedding, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately for you, our team here at Fame Park are here to help.

The bride walking down the aisle South Western SydneyA couple of popular districts that are in and around the city of Sydney include Hunter Valley, the South Coast and the Blue Mountains, so be sure to take a look at wedding venues located in those areas. You may also want to consider looking at different wedding venues in South Western Sydney. This location is home to numerous great wedding spots, including venues found in suburbs such as:

  • Campbelltown
  • Fairfield
  • Liverpool
  • Wingecarribee

If you’re looking for the ideal place in Sydney for your special day, be sure to take a closer look at the different suburbs found in this part of the city.

Finding The Right Team Of Videographers For Your Sydney Wedding Day

 The newly weds dancing at the dance floor South Western SydneyOnce you’ve found the perfect setting for your wedding, you may want to start looking for agencies in the area that can take care of your big day’s videography needs. Fortunately, finding all the different videography teams in the area can often require the simple task of searching on the internet.

Typically, you’ll find that the real work of choosing the ideal team of wedding videographers comes when you have to compare the different agencies and see which ones are ideal for your unique requirements.

When searching, be sure to keep quality and your budget in mind – although in most cases, there are other factors to consider; including the packages they offer, their experience in the industry and more. When it comes to pricing, checking the costs of wedding videography packages or getting a free, no-obligation quote is often a good way to see how much you’ll be looking to pay with a particular agency.

It often takes unique skill to be able to capture those all-important moments on camera, which is why finding an expert is often ideal – and in most cases, the additional cost that can come with hiring a professional wedding videography service in Sydney is well worth it.

In general, couples who take the time to learn more about what Fame Park have to offer, either through reading testimonials or looking at our portfolio, find that we’re ideal for their wedding videography needs.

The Different Styles Of Wedding Videography

The Groom waiting intently for her Bride South Western SydneyAnother crucial thing to consider when picking a wedding videographer to film the events of your special day are the different approaches that a professional may take when recording a wedding. In most cases, each videographer will have their own style of wedding videography – and the five main types include:

Cinematic videography style

Usually, cinematic style offers wedding films that seem more like a movie than a video. With the use of different angles, filters and transitions commonly seen in movies, a videographer that uses this style will often be able to provide a wedding film that looks perfect.

These types of videos usually focus more on capturing the most important moments of the wedding and the emotions of the big day, rather than showing the full events of the celebration. However, many find that cinematic wedding videos can be far more moving.

Photojournalistic videography style

In general, a photojournalistic style wedding video won’t usually be as polished as other approaches to videography (like cinematic for instance). Instead, it will often provide something that feels more authentic.

Often, this is the perfect style to pick if you want something that shows the events of your wedding as they happen, with nothing being posed or staged. This approach to wedding videography is often similar to documentaries where a cinematic style may feel more like a scripted movie.

Short form videography style

The new couple kissing South Western SydneyIn most instances, short form style is combined with any of the other four types of wedding videography approaches. Commonly known as a highlight video, short form wedding films tend to only be three to five minutes long and include the main parts of the event; preparation, ceremony and reception.

Many agencies offer a highlight video alongside a full feature wedding film and in most cases, the raw footage of the big day, too. While highlight videos aren’t offered by all agencies or wedding packages, they can often be a good way to show the best parts of a wedding in one short film.

Storytelling videography style

Storytelling wedding videography has become quite a popular choice recently – and if you’re looking for something to tell your story as well as the events of your wedding day, this may be the ideal approach for you.

In most cases, this style relies on a voiceover to tell your tale of love, but some may instead use a mixture of background music and text instead. Often, this style of videography is combined with a cinematic approach to provide the best results.

Traditional videography style

The Groom and the Bride staring at each other South Western SydneyTypically, this style of wedding videography will focus more on the ceremony and reception of your special day than the behind-the-scenes parts of the wedding (for example, preparation or travelling to the venue).

This form of wedding videography is the most common and tends to be simpler when it comes to editing, often providing a more traditional kind of wedding film (hence why it’s known as the traditional style of videography).

Blending styles

Keep in mind that these aren’t all the different styles available – just the most common ones in Sydney. In addition, many experts combine different approaches to provide something unique to their clients.

Our team generally offer a combination of photojournalistic and traditional wedding videography, providing our clients with films that cover the events as they happen and a number of polished planned shots.

The Bride and her bridesmaids South Western Sydney

Why Choose Fame Park?

For the best wedding videography Sydney has to offer, many choose our team of experts to film their big day – and since we offer our quality services across the city, you can get our help whether you’re planning a wedding in South Western Sydney or the Central Coast.

We’re well known for our ability to capture all the special moments of a wedding day, thanks to the fact that our videographers are experts with the camera. We also have photographers on our team too, so we’re often able to capture those special wedding moments in the form of videos and photos.

Each videographer and photographer on our team is highly experienced – which is one of the main reasons why we’re often able to provide such amazing results for weddings across Sydney NSW. For beautiful photos and videos you’re sure to be happy with for years to come, be sure to hire our cinematography team to take care of your wedding’s filming and photography needs.

Simply get in touch to find out more about how we could help to capture the perfect moments of your special day or to get a quote; our videographers and photographers will be on hand to help without delay.

Wedding Videography Services in South Western Sydney

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