Why you need a wedding videographer

Sometimes, when you are all caught up in the middle of those wedding preparations, some things just don’t make sense to you. And, after talking to your photographer about what you have decided on for your special day, you are left even more puzzled than before! They are suggesting that a videographer might be a good idea, but you seem not to be very keen on that particular idea.
Well, today, as wedding videographers in Sydney and Melbourne, we are going to do our best to change your mind. Videographers are one of the key segments to your wedding day, and you absolutely cannot go on without one. Why – you ask? The subject of a wedding videographer has been a hot topic for a while now, and today we are going to let you in on all of those little things that you will be missing if you decide to skip on this particular bit. Let’s dive in.

Starting with the basics – explaining the difference

There is a difference between a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer. Other than the title being similar, they have almost nothing in common. The photographer is here to take images of your most precious moments, and turn them into art, while the videographer is the one that does not let anything slip away, curating your own romantic cinematical film. The entirety of your event can be wrapped up in a wedding video, just for you, with the assistance of a professional videographer. Plus, they will edit your wedding videos based on your favourite songs for even more authentic and romantic portrayal of your story!

A wedding videographer will be your only option to preserve all of those happy memories from your special day and keep them for years to come – both in video and audio. Anything from exchanging wedding vows, to sharing the first kiss, first dance, cutting the cake, your guests partying, all of the speeches – all of it will be recorded and available to you on your wedding video. It might sound like it could be too much organising both, but after you have seen what their services can bring to your unique event, you might just change your perspective.

What do videographers offer?

When it comes to all of the various packages that wedding videographers offer, you will be amazed by them! Generally, the service of a wedding videographer is a combination of several smaller services that will be provided to you, on your special day. The prices are different, and below is everything you should have in mind when choosing the right professional:

  • Depending on what you are looking for, how big the venue is, the location of the venue, and so on; these are the aspects that can be considered key points to getting the videographer you want.
  • You will want to determine the length. Usually, most of the wedding videographers stay for about 6-8 hours on set and get plenty of material for that time. Of course, many of them offer a full day coverage! Through meticulous filming during a continued block of time, they will be able to deliver a beautifully curated wedding video of your event. In essence, regarding length, it all boils down to which package would fit your story best.
  • Your wedding video is something that you would want to watch for a long time after the big day, and it better be a good one. This is why videographers offer a wide array of services alongside the camera that will be following you and your guests around for the day. Depending on the offer and package, you can get a second or even a third camera, a video drone service, etc.
  • Some of the wedding photography studios offer a combo or a bundle deal where you can get a photographer and videographer package, for a much better value. This can ease things up for you, especially if you have already chosen your photography style. It will be a much easier and more logical solution for you.
  • There can be a service called “same-day edit”, which is something that is bound to melt the hearts of the couple and their guests! The videographers will playback a short edited video of the day – during the reception. You and your guests can witness a part of your most important moments, like the ceremony, and get a real cinematical feel while your emotions are at their peak. Melt away into the beauty of your story and the blissful moment when you said “I do”.

Topping it all off with – precious emotions

The wedding film should be able to catch all of those little moments that the photographer has not been in a position to capture. From one scene to the next, you will be allowed to enjoy and relive your special day once again, and as many times as you want after that.
When you are watching your wedding on a video, all of those incredible emotions that you have felt will start to rush right back to you. The brief moments of pure joy and happiness will become eternal with the help of the videographer. Catching every emotion, all of that will be a part of your wedding video.   To be honest, we believe every couple would love to own a video of their special day. It is such a magnificent way to keep some of those memories alive for a long period. That being said, you should wholeheartedly consider it.

The wedding videographer is the one that can help you get the most out of your most important event. As unusual as it may sound, some of the most perfect shots of your wedding can be easily eternalised through video cameras. We would suggest thinking this option through since it is quite a good one. The best thing is that you can share your special day with others afterwards. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you might want to own a video keepsake of it at some point.
If we have managed to help you lean towards a positive response to hiring a wedding videographer, feel free to take a look at our videos here (add hyperlink). Also, you can always contact us for more information on the services we offer. If you are after a combo deal (photography and videography) – that is what we can easily provide!

We’re here to help and answer any question you might have.
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