Angelo’s Cabarita Sydney Wedding

Orthodox weddings can be some of the most iconic to witness and no matter how often our team at Fame Park see them; no two are ever the same. For Yana and Mike, we knew that this big day would be special and they definitely weren’t disappointed. From the offset, we saw Yana looking excited as she prepared for the day ahead. Mike was no different; in fact, the exhilaration on his face was clear for all to see as his blushing bride walked the aisle.

After the ceremony, we were able to venture back outside and capture a stunning selection of photos thanks to the idyllic backdrops and surroundings. At all times, the happy couple were surrounded by their loved ones; demonstrating how close the entire family must be.

As evening came around, we were treated to sights that intrigued and captured in equal measure. With light fading, we made sure to prepare our locations and as a result, we photographed an astounding set of images that we are sure the happy couple will appreciate for decades to come.

From their first kiss, to their first dance as a married couple; this wedding was a pleasure to be a part of and we see great things ahead for both Yana and Mike as they embark on this shared journey with one another.

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