Maz and Dean came across like the type of happy go lucky couple that make people smile everywhere they go. For her part, Maz looked every inch the excited bride...
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Christianne & Nick || SYDNEY

This wedding was so exciting to be a part of and we have no doubt that every single person in attendance felt exactly the same way we did. Christianne and...
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Michelle & Blake || MELBOURNE

We’ve never seen deep, ocean green/ blue go so well with other colours like we did during the wedding of Michelle and Blake. As soon as we saw the scheme,...
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Phat & Dylan || MELBOURNE

When two unique cultures come together, it can be a truly magnificent thing to watch and that was certainly the case with Phat and Dylan. Dylan and his best men...
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Laura & Pat || MELBOURNE

It’s not often that we come across a couple that show as much love and affection toward one another as Laura and Pat did. When we do, we truly cherish...
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