Laura & Pat || MELBOURNE

It’s not often that we come across a couple that show as much love and affection toward one another as Laura and Pat did. When we do, we truly cherish...
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Katie & Darren || MELBOURNE

Some weddings are so iconic that they can go on for a full day and still leave space for more enjoyment. Katie and Darren’s wedding just so happened to be...
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Bianca & Alex || SYDNEY

This wedding was featured on Sunday Telegraph on the 15th of December 2019 When Bianca told our team that she wants a few shots with her exotic pet, we really...
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Karen & Stephane || SYDNEY

We do love a good traditional wedding here at Fame Park and Karen and Stephane certainly didn’t disappoint. With Stephane opting for a matching set of outfits for himself and...
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Stacey & Chris || SYDNEY

There was something so elegantly comfortable about the wedding of Stacey and Chris. Perhaps it was the setting when we first arrived at the address to meet and greet Stacey,...
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